VAZ-2170 "Priora" (Salon): tuning and refinement

Currently, the domestic small car "Lada Priora" is a good option for those who want to buy an attractive and economical car for a little money.However, not everything is so perfect at the "Lada", as it seems at first glance.Interior and exterior of the new items are imbued with low cost, and this car just will not expressive in comparison with other machines.And it can only change the appearance and refinement of interior tuning.Let us today, we will look to the latest features.

"Lada Priora": interior tuning

photo proves that thanks to a new interior, you can dramatically change the appearance and the machine.At least, pedestrians will not leave a car unattended.But where to start tuning salon?"Lada Priora", first of all, must change the front and optional rear row of seats.Sports options with pronounced lateral support will not only be comfortable for the driver, but also attractive.Together with the seats do not forget about safety.In refining the interior is best to establish four-point belts.

WHA "Priora" (Salon): tuning for the budget conscious motorists

If you have a limited budget or simply do not burn with the desire to change the seats, get a change of skin.Through this process you can successfully complement the look of the cabin, the main thing - to carefully plan the future of color.It is best to choose the liner with the same color, as well as on the body.And as the material can take tweed, velvet and Carpet.For the more affluent drivers have options skin leather.The whole process of changing the upholstery can be done both individually and in the workshop, which will be finalized all the "Priora" (Salon).

Tuning using LEDs

Also, do not get round and light.Thanks to the much can be done - and improve luminescence, and at the same time attract the attention of passers-by and other road users.The main component of the backlight is LED.They are cheaper, "galogenok", and the light is much more beautiful.When asked where to install such lighting, you can answer directly - yes anywhere!It will emphasize good shape and on the dashboard and on the ceiling, and the glove compartment, even in the hours she did not go unnoticed.By the way, the last part is best to place the LED ribbon in a circle in order to ensure a uniform glow across the dial.Thus, sportiness will always pursue the VAZ "Priora" (Salon).

Tuning dashboard

Dashboard - a key element in the cabin, which gives the driver all the information about the current speed, the number of engine revolutions, and many others.If you are tired of boring to look at the arrows on the dashboard, you can replace them with a digital version.These parts are sold fully assembled, and find them easily where and bumper.You can go the other way - obtyanut edge of the panel skin.It is desirable that it was painted in the same shade as the siding.Installing it is simple enough - you just need to measure the area of ​​the fabric, cut and paste it on top of the plastic parts (but not in any way on the dial).If we talk about tuning, it is necessary to take care of high-quality audio system.To do this, install a good tape recorder, and optional powerful subwoofer in the trunk.

VAZ "Priora" (Salon): tuning kits acoustic and diodes can drastically change your car!