Mini-wash "Karcher" for washing machines: reviews and recommendations for selection

If you want a professional to wash your car without turning to the professionals, you must have high-quality water with good pressure, electric power grid at 220 volts, drainage and, of course, a mini-car wash.Fortunately, today's range of similar goods is big enough, and as a producer of many choose sink "Karcher" for washing machines.Today we will devote attention to it this German manufacturer and find out all of the criteria for selecting the appropriate device.

Why "Karcher" for washing machines?

Reviews motorists say that this company is one of the best manufacturers of mini sinks.This company was established back in 1935 by A. Karcher, after which, in 1950, the company first invented and patented a new device to the water supply of high temperature under high pressure.Since then, the popularity of such a device is not a limit.Buy a washing machine for the production of "Karcher" can be not only in Germany but also in the United States, Japan and Russia.Worldwide, the firm is highly respected and sought after.And all because "Karcher" - is not only a German quality, but also a two-year warranty for trouble-free operation.Incidentally, in the packaging of each mini-washing is already included packing foam cleaner, hose and pressure washer, all kinds of extensions and a gun.

How to choose "your", "Karcher" for washing machines?Reviews and advice

Currently manufacturer produces 3 types of car washes.The first of them - the entry-level devices.They are low in cost, compact size and light weight.Typically, such instruments are used for short-term use.The main purpose of washing - cleaning dirt in small quantities.And if your home is the type of small car "Daewoo Matiz", such a device exactly suit you.

average (ie, the second in a row) class is the most popular and most used among European and Russian motorists.K5 Series - ideal for owners of cars and vans.Also, these units are suitable for larger families with one or two cars.By the way, "Matiz" such washing will also effective.The only difference in operation time and cost.

And the last class - high.It is the most productive, the most powerful and, consequently, the most expensive of all the tools " Karcher" for washing machines.Reviews Experts argue that these tools are ideal for professional centers that are engaged in washing cars in large quantities.Use such devices for cars is inappropriate, since the pressure of 160 bar at least a quarter will not be used for other purposes.If you install such a device at full capacity, you can simply damage the paint cars.But for tractors and trucks, such devices at the time.

As you can see, a great mini-sink can truly be considered a "Kärcher" (for washing machines).Reviews proof.