Soup - the king of Russian feast

time immemorial Russian dining table consists of several parts, and a special place in it devoted the first dish.Even among cutlery spoon appeared much earlier than male.Perhaps no country in the world there is no such honor to soups, as in Russia.

Soup called liquid dish, hot or cold, depending on the time of year.It is usually the main components of a meat or fish as well as vegetables: carrots, cabbage, radishes, beets, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Soups appeared in Russia even in ancient times, but then they were made from cereals, and are called the "Chlebowo", "brew" or "pahlёbka."

Later cuisine has become more diverse and in the XVIII century in Russia has emerged the modern concept of "soup", which began to add vegetables and cereals.Then, having taken over this part of the tradition of the Western countries, the Russian people are willing to enrich their table dishes such as soup, pickle, ear, halophyte, hash, zatiruh, Callao, botvinya, tyur and many others.Just soups like-minded nations, Ukrainian and Belarusian beetroot borsch, have been taken into the ranks of our national dishes.

soup is considered to be useful and, in spite of its nutritional value, dietichnym dish.No wonder, people with diseases of the stomach, the doctor prescribes eat liquid soups and broths, as it does not harm digestion and does not load the stomach.Soups are also recommended for older people with dry physique since ancient times believed that they protect the body from the withers.Cooking is a gentle way of cooking, which preserves the nutrients contained in vegetables, cereals and meat.A high ratio of water content in this dish gives people a lot of minerals and vitamins.

believed that starting a meal with soup, so gently prepares your stomach for further food intake.That is why the soup is the first dish is customary.Russian restaurant «Romanov Bar & amp;Grill », nominee" Top25 Diamond Companies & amp;Persons », offers to remember the traditions of our people and enjoy a real homemade soup.

Here you can enjoy a hearty Russian dinner, the head of which will be a plate of delicious soup, prepared according to ancient traditions of the Slavic people.On the menu you will see dishes such as homemade soup loved all green with sorrel and spinach, wild mushroom soup with dumplings, soup, fish soup made of red and white fish, and more.

restaurant is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, at the intersection of Malaya Konyushennaya Street and Nevsky Prospect.Therefore, making hiking in the cultural capital of our country and exploring the amazing sights of the city, do not forget to close for lunch and gain strength in the domestic Russian cuisine restaurant «Romanov Bar & amp;Grill ».


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