How to make a dark tip on dark hair?

Modern paints, regardless of their quality, are unable to give your hair the effect of the overflow.It can be achieved only by re-applying the coloring agent.Let's say you have dark hair and you want to darken the hair ends even more to achieve the transition color.For this you need a couple of packages of paints (one - is the main color of your hair, the other - for painting tips).So, how does all this resolved, and most importantly - how to do the right thing?This will be discussed in this article.We'll talk about how to get the dark tips on dark hair.

Preparing hair

now fashionable painting technique balayazh, is to give a different color hair endings, can be performed as at the stylist, and independently at home.Be sure to visit the salon: get rid of split ends (unless you have them), give haircuts form.After dyeing hair styles are all the irregularities at a glance, so it must be put in order.

staining procedure

To make the dark tips on dark hair we need:

  • coloring formulation;
  • clarifier (necessary in order to lay down the final color to the hair better and was more saturated);
  • bag or foil;
  • gloves;
  • brush;
  • balsam after staining or mask;
  • shampoo.

dark tip on dark hair short length

brushing her hair, fingers give them a "disheveled" and put them in the most upright position, holding one hand on the ends.In fact, with short hair the most difficult, so if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to consult a specialist in the salon.Further, there are two ways of development of the situation:

  1. staining using foil.Apply on the edge of the foil coloring composition and slowly carry on the ends.
  2. Wear gloves and apply paint with your fingers, capturing the tips of the strands and tracking, all to be dyed.

dark tip on dark hair and a medium length

Gather hair into a high ponytail.For this we use is naturally elastic.Make sure that it is accurate, and all the hair is in it.We define the length of staining:

  • on the hair of medium length - 5.10 cm;
  • long hair - 10-15 centimeters.

with a brush carefully apply paint.The output is supposed to be perfectly dyed tip.Remove it in a package or wrap in foil in order to avoid getting paint on other hair or clothing.Exactly the same procedure must be done, and to receive the tips of the color on dark hair.The difference will be only in the number of procedures: every new tone with the new approach.In order not to spoil the hair, it is desirable to break the color for a few days.If your original has a darker shade of color, and you doubt whether it will take the new pigment, use bleach, which is applied to the hair prior to the main color, kept the time and rinsed off.The next day, the ends can be painted a dark color.

That's all.So easy and simple way you can get dark hair ends.The main thing is to observe all the recommendations - and you will succeed!