Means for care of hair "Cieza" with the effect of lamination: features and reviews

Many beauty salons offer a lot a variety of services involving improvement of hair and giving curls shine.But all this costs money.Want to save?Then pay attention to the means of "Cieza" effect lamination.We will tell more about them.

Features and effect of the

The store offers a wide range of shampoos, masks and balms hair.Producers promise a healthy shine, glow and more.And what about the line "Cieza" with the effect of lamination?If you believe the information on the packaging and advertising, these funds will help to make curls shining.This is achieved through a specific component in the composition, which create a film on the surface of the hair.

line "Cieza" with the effect of lamination includes several tools.

1. Shampoo.It contains special components (including keratin complex) that nourish the hair and give it a healthy glow.Weighting is not observed.Price agent is about 180-200 rubles per bottle of 500 ml volume.

2. Balm.After its use should be shiny curls.Also, the hair will be combed easily, no longer confused.Price balm is about 200 rubles (500 ml bottle).

3. Mask.It nourishes the hair and envelops their composition of specific components that will give shine.Bottle (250 ml) costs about 280 rubles.

4. Emulsion.After using the hair is moisturized and radiant.The cost of the vial (150 ml) is about 270 rubles.

recommended to use all the means at once "Cieza" effect lamination to see real results.

Product Reviews

What customers say about the consideration given?To begin study Shampoo "Cieza" (the effect of lamination).Reviews of it can meet the most different.For example, some women are happy with the result and see it after the first application.They report that the hair actually become more obedient and shiny.Particularly pleased with all the light and unobtrusive fragrance shampoo.But the other girls are not very satisfied with the tool.Effects are not observed even after 2 weeks of use.Some women customers complained that the condition of the hair, even getting worse.

What do they say about the ladies balm "Cieza" (the effect of lamination)?Reviews contain information that agent has a good texture and a pleasant smell.Many hair after using silky and easy to comb.But some women are again effects were observed.

As for the mask, that is, information that it helps to get rid of excessive rigidity curls.Consumers also note the pleasant aroma.About emulsion reviews a bit, but in some of them indicated that the hair after use if even heavier and become greasy.Although this is not always observed.

worth noting that the line means "Cieza" with the effect of lamination are not for everyone.Probably because of this, some are unhappy with them.So it is worth trying out some means for yourself.Maybe for you it is very pleasant.