How to equip a suburban area with their hands?

This question often arises to the owners of small plots.After all, it would be desirable to place a small area and construction, and a vegetable garden and fruit trees and flower bed and bath, and maybe even a pond with an alpine slide.

When we settling suburban area with your hands, you must take into account the common mistakes that novice gardeners.

not to build a garage or a house on the opposite side from the entrance or in the middle of the plot.In this case, the road will take up too much space.It is not necessary to build a small area of ​​scattered buildings - align hozblok house and garage.

If you are thinking on the question of how to build suburban area, then listen to the opinion of experienced designers.It is necessary to give preference to those elements without which it is impossible to do.It will be very fortunate if you will be able to arrange parking for cars outside their area.Thus you will be able to expand the recreation area.

different ideas as to equip the country site, there is a great variety.If your cottage is not too large, then do not try to plant all the spreading trees and shrubs.It is enough to have one large tree, but with the original crown and beautiful foliage.Crown from time to time should be reduced (to make regular pruning).It is well tolerated by linden and maple trees.

For many people, the question arises as to equip the country site while preserving the fruit trees?After all, the cottage is impossible to imagine without fresh fruit.Today it is possible to use a semi-dwarf varieties of fruit trees.They are best planted in a staggered manner, to make room for a flower garden or lawn.

If we reflect, how to equip suburban area, do not forget about the color palette of buildings and spaces.Properly selected and used color can visually expand the space.Experienced landscape designers believe that if you put the original light-colored plants in the foreground, the garden will get the scope and depth.In the background are appropriate plants cold and dark colors (usually pine).There is another well-known design techniques to achieve the same result.In the foreground to be planted plants with large leaves, and in the back - with a fine.

Appearance garden depends on the fence.The fence must be in harmony with the design of the house.Its transparency depends on the place where the hut.If it is near a busy road, it is best to make a fence from solid materials (stone, concrete, bricks).The fence can be transparent if the suburban area located in the middle of nowhere.In this case the major fence can replace a hedge.

How to equip a suburban area (photo you can see in this article), to transfer the heat of summer is easier?Undoubtedly, this will help you frame a small pond or pool.

work at their summer cottage is very important, and for many it delivers true pleasure, but do not forget that first of all it is a place to rest, so it should be comfortable and beautiful.