Who are the geeks and why are they?

No, no, yes, and will fly in the conversation: "Oh, it's a real boom!".This phrase may have very different color - from dismissive to admiration.Who are the geeks?Why they do not want to put on a par with ordinary people?A couple of decades ago encyclopedia determined geeks like people too keen on cutting-edge technology.In 80-90 years, it conquered the space of the Internet geeks.Thanks to them, for many of us, the Internet has become a familiar habitat.A little later, the ubiquitous Wikipedia has become a somewhat different answer to the question, who are geeks.This eccentric (in translation from English - "crazy" or "eccentric") people crazy more often on computer technology.This cohort includes Bill Gates, Niklaus Wirth, Larry Page, and the like.Online communities whether in jest, whether seriously, even painted a portrait of the classical boom.

Who are the geeks?

geeks - these are people crazy on the powerful "hardware."No matter what they buy, phone or computer.Going to the store, they know exactly what they want, but until you will enter a trance Seller its technical issues, do not buy it.Who are the geeks?People go to extremes.Some of them prefer to just all at once, so do not know how their computers unless embroider.Others, however, minimalists.They buy the most simple technique (but powerful "iron"), and at night it is brought to perfection.Who are the geeks?A few years ago it was thought that geeks - unsociable, not tracking their appearance, people who can not communicate.Today, it is not.The circle of acquaintances can be overwhelming, but most of their interlocutors - the virtual and the threads of conversations - technical.And the beggar, who bought a smartphone for prestige, and the banker or a student, at night transforms into a computer model of perfection - a geek.Moscow and other large cities know a lot of people, all interests revolve exclusively around computers and gadgets.The most interesting among them is, of course, girls.

Girl - boom.Who is it?

It gikka.The person who is absolutely not similar to the glamorous girls and ladies of Turgenev.She was not interested in "Musi-Pusi".It does not look "Dom-2" and sometimes versed in modern electronics is better than all of her classmates.She - the dream of many, because it is possible to talk about anything, even about battles WOW.However, it paid little attention to the little things like cooking and cleaning, but always ready to discuss with you the news of computer games or the latest gadgets, and in the language that you understand.Who are the geeks-girls?Special, unable to endure vulgar, narrow-minded, pompous and stupid men.To win her attention enough to know by heart fun "Comedy-Club" or "curved mirror".Her heart is not accelerating at a luxury bouquet of roses, but it is able to appreciate any dish prepared candidate for her attention.Just as the boom-man, she buys only the best, but everything is easier, can improve yourself.That is why, spending most of their time on the Internet, it rarely happens in the "Classmates", "VKontakte".So who are the geeks?It's smart, enthusiastic people who live in harmony with their interests and not be distracted by little things everyday life.