Environmental concerns Russia

Despite a rather sharp decline in production and the adoption of a large number of protective measures, environmental problems in Russia, especially in the industrial areas of the country, held at a critical level.And often they are compounded not only accumulated over decades, polluting the environment and waste, but also to some weakening of state control.After all, in recent years dramatically reduced support environmental management authorities.

undisputed leader on whose territory the concentrated many environmental problems Russia is the Urals.In this region there are a huge number of heavy, wood-chemical industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering.And most of these monsters used in the production industry for a long time outdated technology, causing irreparable harm to the environment.

Ecological problems of Russia begins with a global disaster - heavy air pollution.Various harmful dregs of places exceed the permissible norms by dozens of times.Only the stationary in

dustry sources provide 20% of the total air pollution.Only one Reftinskaya GRES annually emits about 300,000 tons of harmful impurities.Not far behind her oil refineries and oil-producing enterprises of Ufa.

Through this production, ecology of the region is recognized as unfavorable for human habitation.Residents are gradually leaving the city, taking care of their well-being.Thousands of hectares of fertile land reserved for landfills for storage of substances that pose a serious threat to the environment.Compounding the situation and the fact that companies are throwing out these wastes can not adequately cover their processing.

Environmental concerns Russia - it unnaturally high pollution of the soil, especially in the Urals region.The content of heavy metals in the soil located on the territory of enterprises, sometimes hundreds of times higher than the maximum permissible limits.Due to the irregular mining dramatically changed the landscape of the region, many mountains and plains turned into a career and pits.

Environmental problems Russia also include pollution and water basins.Various impurities of heavy metals and petroleum residues fall in sources of drinking water.At the same time, only a small part of local water supply systems can perform a complete cycle of cleaning the water consumed by people.

in environmental issues, and includes a fairly serious, not only for the environment, but also for people danger.Chemical weapons stored in the Kurgan region and Udmurtia, is a time bomb.Metal munitions filled with a potent substance, gradually undergo a process of corrosion.With each passing day increases the risk of leakage of unsafe contaminants.

Radioactive contamination of the environment as part of the environmental problems in Russia.After the explosion tanks of radioactive waste that occurred in 1957, more than 500,000 residents of the Chelyabinsk region have experienced the effects of radiation.And until now, the area is a burial ground of various wastes.Lake Karachay and Techa River were completely excluded from the system of water supply due to highly contaminated water.

also due to global modification of soil and water basins in environmental issues entered the Urals and its groundwater pollution.Heavy metals, radioactive elements and compounds of nitrogen can easily find their way to the aquifers.Good "assistants" in this matter are the numerous cracks in the layers of contaminated land.

To solve environmental problems, be sure to pay great attention to the creation of nature reserves, game reserves, national parks and green spaces.It is necessary to investigate the essence of every problem and look for new ways to solve them.Each person must make a contribution to the common cause.After all, environmental issues separate region can not be solved independently, but the joint efforts of these troubles can be pushed forward.