Pregnancy: obscure or emphasize?

Drinking pregnancy in society is changing every year.What was acceptable a few years ago, is now practiced all over the place and vice versa.Children out of wedlock, and sometimes not registered (for example, the Chinese government has long forced the family to live under the slogan "one family - one child", and many children are not registered, so as not to incur the wrath of the state) - all this has become the norm of the modern world.

The world community appeared Shildfree - free from the children - who advocate a complete rejection of parenthood for the sake of career and personal freedoms.In his theory they are based on unfounded arguments of Paul Ehrlich, Advisor for Science of former US President George W. Bush, that every person who is born today, making the imbalance in the environment and life-support systems of the planet ...

time when everyone was ready to fight for the right to give birth, and a pregnant woman accompanied softened look long gone.In fashion careerism and "healthy" (healthy there really?) Ambitions.

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Many firms when applying for a job for the item previously stipulate a contract where you are not allowed to become pregnant during the first years of operation.Long queues at the clinic in which you have to defend, to get an appointment with the doctor, teeming with aggressive-minded grandmothers, make sure that everyone is now giving birth solely for the "presidential allowances" and "mother's capital".The men in the subway when a pregnant woman in the car, as a rule, higher raise the newspaper or just fall asleep, so if you want to sit down, it is easier to count on the understanding of the female.

Finally, the global problem that confronts any woman about to give birth - a kindergarten, get up on the queue to be at least at the time when you are just planning a child.

We are constantly faced with difficulties, but that does not mean you have to abandon your goal.After all, there is a lot of positive things that gave us progress - diapers, baby food, krovatki- pendulums, which themselves rocked your baby and baby monitor.In the end, with absolutely counter intolerance district clinics can be accessed in a private clinic, to find a new job and do not ride the subway.But society, unfortunately, can not be changed, so the issue of his peace of mind is to approach radically and intelligently.

Many young mothers during pregnancy perceived not only as a miracle of the birth of the future.For the younger generation girl emphasizing his rounded belly - this is outrageous.Designers create a collection for future mothers, pregnant showbiz stars posing for magazines, as critics point out that the rounded tummy has long become the most fashionable accessory on the red carpet.Modern mothers do not try to limit itself to the entertainment they attend parties and resorts, rollerblading and addicted to body art, which helps even more to stand out from the crowd.

Opponents fashionable moms (often - devout men), on the contrary, prefer closed untroubled clothes, not to attract attention.They carefully protect your stomach from the prying eyes and evil eyes, wear dresses and coats to the floor and go to church.They prefer loud music dancefloor classics coziness foreign countries, but not averse to heavy domestic work, which, according to the Old Believers more helpful than harmful to a pregnant woman.

We considered two extremes - but it must be a happy medium!Let's try to find her.

Let's start with the clothes.From the things that will put pressure on the stomach, it is better to give up, even if they are very fashionable.Prefer a free cut and natural fabrics: flax, cotton and wool.But do not get carried away!Tell a decisive "no" baggy clothes, men's shirts, granny dresses and blouses.Remember - you are a woman, and should look great, regardless of height, weight, age and position.

Do not be afraid to combine and experiment.Bright colors during pregnancy increases the mood, but when you are well, well and your child.

Pick comfortable shoes.You should not rely on the covers of magazines screaming pregnant fashionistas heels.Heel in your position, firstly, can harm the baby because of the fall no one is immune, and secondly, to give you the end of pregnancy, "a wonderful gift" called varicose veins and stars, which subsequently did not save even the most expensivefoot cream.

beaches and resorts.

Beach vacation, of course, fine, but in moderation.Doctors recommend pregnant women to sunbathe before 10 am and after 5 pm during the inactive sun.During the day, in the heat, it is best to take air baths in the shadows.Note that contrary to popular belief, the clouds do not protect against ultraviolet rays, which can be reflected from the water and sand, so getting on your body.And another important point: if the ambient temperature and atmospheric humidity is too high, there may be a risk of heat stroke, so a foreign beach is contraindicated.

If you are just shy to bare your belly, it's not a reason to give up the beach or pool.Special swimsuits for pregnant women of different styles and colors in our time is not the deficit.


abandon them is not worth it.But remember to feed your body at this time should be no alcohol, cigarette smoke, heavy bags and domestic quarrels, and light exercise.Support your vitality and peace of mind during pregnancy can help you swimming, yoga, aqua aerobics and fitness program designed specifically for pregnant women, under the supervision of an instructor.

As for cultural activities, do not forget that the unborn child needs not only affection and attention.Intellectual pursuits young mother positively affect the development of the baby.But not overpowering myself if Mozart and Bach your soul does not lie, then the baby will not be a concert of joy.On the Internet and on the shelves of music stores, you can find a lot of collections like "Music for pregnant women."Listen to this collection is in a quiet cozy atmosphere.Pamper yourself!Arrange yourself and your child a little holidays.In the evening, turn on the music and turn off the lights, light a candle, put a plate next to a favorite treat, take a comfortable position and relax.Do not be afraid to be alone with your child, it is as well as you need to calm.


decision to hide her pregnancy, or, conversely, to emphasize - especially individual.It all depends on your style and lifestyle, au specific circumstances in which you are now.If you are unhappy, and your child will be affected is not the best way.Be myself, but remember, the responsibility for their own welfare and the welfare of the child is lying to you.

Deciding to get pregnant, you contract with the conscience that does not forgive your mistakes.Before taking a decision, sieves assess their strength and understand if you are ready to surrender several months.After all, once you get pregnant, you have to give up personal preferences and ambitions, and to highlight the sake of what you have done - the life of the new man.Only taking into account their needs, you can become a good mother, and keep your little miracle.Love and be loved!

Daria Kurgan

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