How to make dumplings for soup made of flour, potatoes and pumpkins

If you know how to make dumplings for soup, the question: "What to cook for dinner?" Never put you in a dead end.For recipes soups with dumplings is usually very simple.They contain at least inexpensive ingredients.Usually it is vegetables such as onions, carrots and potatoes.These soups are often belong to the Belarusian and Ukrainian cuisine.Let's learn how to cook the most popular and nutritious one.And also about how to make dumplings for the soup to your taste: potato, meat, semolina, eggs, flour, and even pumpkin.Let's get down to culinary experiments!

How to cook dumpling soup potato

broth should be prepared in advance.Dumplings are usually dipped in the soup is almost ready.To cook until they are ready, they need quite a bit of time.You can, of course, cook them separately in water before being spread on plates.In this case, better to keep the shape of the dumplings, and do not have time to make the soup cloudy.Take 5 medium potatoes, a little black pepper, sunflower oil and onions.These ingredients are necessary for filling.Half beam spinach and a cup of flour you need for cooking dumplings green.And one carrot and as much flour - to orange.Boiled and pounded potatoes salt and pepper.Optionally, add it to the fried onions.Prepare two types of test, - adding carrot and spinach.Last you need to boil in a small amount of salted water, pour in the broth cooled flour.Grate carrots, pour half a glass of hot water and add the flour.Mix well, cool.Refrigerate both types of test time.Meanwhile, cook the chicken broth, season it passerovannym onions.Form dough two kinds of dumplings, from their mashed potatoes.Boil the broth.Serve hot immediately after cooking.

How to make dumplings for soup meat and potatoes

Half a kilogram of potatoes should be boiled directly in the skin and peel, rub through a sieve.300 g of ground beef need to boil or fry.You can also take an equal weight piece of cooked meat and grind it in a blender.Then mince connect with grated potatoes, add a handful of raisins washed and crushed walnut kernel ten.Allow to stand for two hours.And before you make dumpling soup of this mixture, it is necessary to add a raw egg.Form round balls and drop into the broth for twenty minutes until tender.

Pumpkin gnocchi

You will need one small butternut pumpkin.Since flour dumpling soup have a high calorie content, here's a vegetable version is well suited for the diet.Pumpkin cut into pieces, bake.Grind in a blender.Add to the pumpkin puree half cup of rice flour and a pinch of salt.Knead the dough, divide into pieces, roll out.Each portion was cut into pieces not thicker centimeters.These dumplings are better boiled in vegetable or mushroom broth.You can apply them separately from the soup, sauce and herbs.

Enjoy your meal!