Mestizo - beautiful people

"Mestizos - nice people!"This statement has long been settled in modern culture.They are nothing new, and many of today's stars talk openly about the blood of any nation gave such a beautiful type of appearance, they have.But it was not always.

In order to understand who are the Métis people what nationality can be considered as such, it is necessary to introduce the concept of race.So, what is race?It is a combination of gene pools of people gathered on certain biological features and the overall habitat.They are three - Mongoloid, Negroid and caucasian.In its pure form, they were previously spread across continents - Africa inhabited negroid, Europe - Caucasians, Asia and the Americas - Mongoloid race.However, migration and general globalization gradually led to the fact that the races have become mixed together.So get mestizos - people, whose blood mixed the genes of several races.

Initially, in many cultures, Métis were persona non grata.Until the XX century there was social inequality between the races, including Métis.In general, the term originally designated only one variation of racial mixing.Mestizos - people of just this type, the descendants of Europeans and Native Americans, the Indians.That is, a mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasoid races.Representatives of the mixed type and Negroid Caucasians previously called mulatto, and the descendants of Mongoloid and Negroid races - Sambo.At the moment, all these options are referred to by a single term.

Previously it was thought that the mestizos - people, the resulting all possible mutations.It was assumed that marriages between people of different races are not able to give a healthy offspring, and that among these children a high percentage of mutants defective or affected by various diseases of people.In fact, studies anthropologists, geneticists, sociologists put everything in its place.Except for the purely external factors, nothing else Métis representatives from thoroughbred races do not differ.Moreover, due to the fact that the resettlement of the people has become the norm not only in the continent but also across the planet for the past several hundred years, to talk about the purity of the races is not necessary at all.All present people in any generation mestizo.

If we talk about the prevalence, the Métis are entire nations.Those Arabs, Lebanese, Algerians, representatives of most nations of Central and South America, too, they are.

Well, what to say about the beauty of the Métis?First of all, it is caused by unusual combinations of facial features, shape, color, eyes, hair the representatives of mixed marriages.For example, blue-eyed people with dark skin looks unusual, and often - Beautiful ordinary Europeans and African Americans.The same goes for Hispanic beauty - a combination of fair skin and negroid lips plump, curly hair and dark eyes can not help but attract attention.Well, in order to clearly see what stand mestizos, people whose photos flashed on the pages of glossy magazines, look at these pictures.Take a look at photos of Shakira, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Vanessa Mae and other celebrities.All of them are descendants of mixed marriages, and have a very expressive appearance.