Dolce Vita - the most expensive dessert in the world

sure way to try the taste of the sweet life - taste the most expensive dessert in the world!

The Fortress Aquamarine.Where: Wine3 at The Fortress;Galle, Sri Lanka.Cost: $ 14,500

Dessert is Italian cassata (fruit cake) with Irish cream, mango, pomegranate compote decorated with sabayon of champagne and a chocolate sculpture depicting a fisherman - the logo of the resort.Teal aquamarine placed on stilt fisherman, hand made of milk chocolate.It was presented in March of last year, but despite requests for it from different parts of the world, dessert has never been purchased.

Strawberries from Arnaud.Cost: $ 1.4 million.

In this amazing dessert by Chef Arnaud Casbarian sweetest strawberries steeped expensive wine and decorated with mint leaves and cream.What really makes the price of dessert so high, so it is a ring with a pink diamond of 15 carats, which is part of the dish.Dessert is simply irreplaceable for shy millionaires - they can make their girlfriends surprise, without the hassle of pockets and jewelry boxes.

The Sultan's Golden Cake.Where: Ciragan Palace Kempinski;Istanbul.Cost: $ 1,000

In order to make this edible brick of gold, you must be 72 hours - so it is served to special events whether it's a wedding, party or reception at the Sultan.The filling of apricot, peaches, pears and figs marinated in Jamaican rum for two years and then mixed with caramelized black truffle foam.This dessert, covered with 24-carat gold is sold in a box of handmade silver with gold lock.

The Dome's Truffle Ice.Where: Mezzaluna;Bangkok.Cost: $ 200

Mezzaluna, the restaurant at The Lebua Hotel, presented a unique truffle ice cream with chocolate and jelly layers Manjaree with layers of real gold, with a sauce of stewed cherries and rare cognac - Moyet Tres Vieille Grande Champagne No.7 (which only exists 1,300 bottles).Every week the restaurant sells 10 of these unique desserts.

The Madeleine Truffle.Where: Knipschildt Chocolatier, USA.Cost: $ 250 per truffle, or $ 6,000 per pound (453 grams)

The Madeleine Truffle produced in the US by "Knipschildt Chocolatier".Naturally, it is not designed for long term storage and outside the United States is not for sale: it for confectionery long kept, it is necessary to use cheaper ingredients, which is unacceptable in chocolate haute couture.Each truffle is numbered and is presented in a silver box with a personalized signature of the master pastry chef Fritz Knipschildt'a.

"Entre" Where: Pierre Hermé Patisserie;Paris.Cost: $ 176

French master Pierre Hermé (Pierre Hermé), considered one of the best confectioners of the world is doing in their culinary workshops, which are already two in Paris, unique cakes."Picasso in the world of pastry," as he called his magazine Vogue, discusses with the customer ingredients (tomatoes, cream maskrapone, olive oil, fresh rose petals, green beans or compote of strawberries and tomatoes).On request, the cake can be decorated with a monogram or family crest.

King-size Imperial Torte.Where: Hotel Imperial, Vienna.Cost: $ 57

Legend has it that the first cake, chocolate was prepared for Emperor Franz Joseph 1 to celebrate the opening of the hotel in 1873.Almonds, marzipan and coconut cream for milk chocolate, this cake is handmade (there is also a version of sugar-free) are sold in the nominal wicker box.

Valrhona Chocolate Sphere.Where: Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab Hotel;Dubai.Cost: $ 48

hot chocolate sauce covers a very thin chocolate sphere filled with dainty berries and chocolate layers.

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