Azerbaijani wedding.

Wedding in the life of every person is a solemn and exciting event.Only in this day boys and girls are used on a new status, which imposes certain obligations on the person.To marry - a very serious decision, which should be treated thoroughly because of this decision depends entirely on how the future will develop in your life.

Azerbaijani wedding for what it really is?Embodiment of all traditions of the people in this festive celebration.Azerbaijani wedding is very different from other peoples weddings.It is more impulsive and emotional holiday, which is filled with traditions dating back hundreds of years ago.Azerbaijan begins with the wedding courtship.To the bride by the groom sent a close relative who must notify the family of the bride's intention to matchmaking.It happens that consent can not be obtained, then one of the most respected people of the family of the groom takes all measures to get a positive response from the parents of the bride.

Next wedding traditions of Azerbaijan includes matchmaking.Father newly fiance asked me to come to his house for the relatives.Then all together take a decision on the total direct matchmaking.Relatives from the groom consult with the bride.Get to know her opinion on the matter, after the general decision the bride's mother reported the date on which will be a small and a large engagement.

first held a small engagement.During it, according to tradition, the groom gives to the bride gifts, or gives her a ring that fits over your finger or the groom's father or his sister.The next stage in the Azerbaijani wedding is a great engagement.In this day relatives from the groom presented everything for the wedding dress of the bride.But there is a caveat: this furniture is not included shoes for the bride, her mother-in girlfriend presents a little later.Also in the day of the big engagement of the bride are presented in special trays and other gifts from the groom.

month after a large engagement with a return visit to visit the bride and groom come to her relatives.All the trays are returned, have the groom and his relatives daryatsya additional gifts.

A few days before the wedding the bride sends all her dowry to the groom's house.There, his sister dismantle a guy, and then start to prepare the room for the young.Also, a few days before the wedding begins preparing for a stormy celebration.Women are beginning to prepare yogurt, pita bread and fetir.It is these products are a major part of the festive table Azerbaijani wedding.

Early registration of marriage meant only the so-called wedding, which was conducted mall.This religious ceremony was accomplished in just a few days before the celebration of the celebration.These days, marriage registration also includes the official registration in the registry offices.

celebration itself, ie,Azerbaijani wedding lasts about three days.The first day - a celebration of the wedding party only the bride, groom and also invited several members of his family.Second day - respectively the celebration in the groom's house.In the morning start cooking, and the groom, often with his father and brothers had sent for his wife.While the young go to a celebration in the house of the groom, his relatives home slaughtering a sheep.The challenge for the young is at the entrance to the house to jump over a sacred animal, but especially the young blood smears in-law, who had just killed the animal.Wedding Night Azerbaijanis as it sums up the lives of young bachelor and gives rise to the entry of a new, have a family life.