Where asbestos sheets can be applied?

Asbestos sheets are made of chrysotile asbestos, which is a hydrous magnesium and belongs to the group of phyllosilicates.This mineral tolerates alkaline environment, but decomposes in acid to form an amorphous silica order.Large deposits of this element are found in Canada, Russia (Kiembaevskoe and Bazhenov deposit in the Urals), China.The leading place in the volume of extracted raw materials belongs to our country.

Pros and cons of asbestos products

Basically asbestos sheets some articles contain fibers that have low conductivity (suitable for insulation), high heat resistance, inertness to most chemical attack, ozone, oxygen.Heat resistant material (melting temperature are in the range of 1400-1500 degrees) binds well with other ingredients.A significant disadvantage of this material is that during inhalation of asbestos dust can be carcinogenic.Therefore, in the manufacture of asbestos products to be implemented a full range of measures for the protection of labor.

At work (roofing, thermal insulation, etc.), involving asbestos sheets, this material is considered safe, as in the finished product it is in bound form (with oil, bitumen, resins, rubber, plaster).However, many countries prefer to completely abandon the use of such components.In particular, the EU asbestos components completely banned since 2005, but in the rest of the world are used in many industries.

Asbestos in its pure form does not apply

Asbestos sheets are made by combining elements of asbestos fibers or other materials.For example, articles asbostalnye issued according to GOST 12856-96 and №№ 12586-84, made of wire frame (perforated), to which both sides asbolateksnaya coated paper surface of graphite-based synthetic rubbers.They are used in gasoline and diesel engines as pads of a certain size.Such products can withstand temperature swings from minus 60 to plus 400 well recovered after compression, are resistant to gasoline, the combustion products of diesel fuel.

asbestos cardboard is used in many industries

Where to buy an asbestos sheet for use in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy?This material (cardboard based chrysolite fibers) is realized through the hardware store.It is marked "KTM" and manufactured in accordance with GOST 2850 number - 95. Cardboard thermal insulation brand fit for a number of operations in the energy sector, mechanical engineering, automotive (gasket in the muffler).Accordingly, the same document produced CASS (acronym for "General Purpose asbestos cardboard"), which can be used for thermal insulation at high temperatures (up to 500 degrees), the seals in the compounds of devices operating in the gas, alkali, organic media.

how expensive asbestos sheet?The price of the product depends on its type.For example, asbostalnoy sheet of small size (0.67 x 0.51 meters) will cost a total of about 550-580 rubles.A series of articles from cardboard with dimensions of 1.0 x 0.8 meters will cost about 400-420 rubles.