Bituminous varnish reveals its secrets

Among the variety of varnishes bitumen occupies a special place.Several years ago, its use declined sharply.It is mainly used for machining car.But recently there was a fashionable trend in interior design - artificial aging.And the demand for bitumen varnish increased again.

Features production

At the heart of this tool is bitumen.But to make the solution of certain specifications (e.g., ductility, heat stability) was added resin.They are of two types: synthetic and natural.The latter include all known rosin.Among synthetic resins can be identified such as Kopal.During manufacture, the mixture is heated to high temperatures (280 degrees), and then cooled and solvents.Previously, most of the turpentine used today except it can be used solvent, white spirit or a mixture of these components.However, bitumen varnish, and is based on oil.As a rule, are used for this purpose linseed or tung.They add another fatty acid salts - manganese, cobalt, lead.So it turns bitumen varnish.Buy it today is easy.

Lac bitumen: specifications

Application bituminous varnish due to its technical characteristics.Among them are such as:

  • plasticity;
  • resistance to high temperatures and many chemicals;
  • moisture.

Argued that bitumen varnish has anti-corrosion properties, which is why it is used to protect metal products.In fact this is not true.Under the influence of atmospheric phenomena it can protect against rust just a little while.Therefore, it handled those items which must be protected for a short period - 6 months, if the processing is carried out with a single layer of varnish.Using this tool for this purpose it is largely explained by the fact that it is low cost.

bituminous varnish has many varieties.The basis of the classification are the basic properties of the compositions.To date, demand bituminous varnish BT-123, the characteristics of which make it possible to use it not only as a protective agent for metal and non-metal structures.Often the composition is used for the manufacture of aluminum paint.This adds another, and special adjuvants that speed up the drying process.

bituminous varnish design

effect of aging - a distinctive part of modern country houses.And in this bitumen varnish is the main assistant.On the surface it is applied, or the usual brush or using a spray.The thinner the layer, the better the result.When creating the effect of aging on top of varnish it is recommended to apply shellac coating.Typically, bitumen varnish is used for the treatment of external structures - fences, stairs, fences.It should be remembered that the use of this tool can not be near the fire.

bituminous varnish is rightfully regained the leading position among their film counterparts.