15 years of marriage

Glass symbolizes purity and transparency of the relationship between husband and wife, the past fifteen years, joys and sorrows, victories and setbacks, worries and anxieties.But this material is unfortunately very fragile.These relations and 15 years of wedding.They can be broken by innuendo, from little things of everyday life, from the quarrels.Family happiness depends on how much the couple understand each other, how much value peace and love his focus.

Glass wedding 15 years - it is a serious anniversary in the annals of the family.Over the years, the couple got used to each other, put up with the shortcomings of the second half, we learned to appreciate the dignity of marriage partner.There were common memories, common friends, common property.In the family the child grows, perhaps, not one.The house is usually to fifteen years of marriage wealth: built or bought an apartment or house, maybe there is a car or a cottage.The couple receiving the congratulations with a glass wedding, so many common topics for spiritual conversations, common problems.They have something to lose.

So is it worth to break like glass, the fragile happiness that they have.Very often in this period broken families because of the backlog of resentment, irritation, inability to concede.Many spouses referred these problems to discrepancies between the characters.But they held side by side for fifteen years, in which there was a lot of good.There were happy moments, shared sorrows and worries, to rally them.Is it worth it to lose the happiness of little things?Glass - a fragile thing, but if you treat him gently, this material will serve long.So relations between spouses, surviving to the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding should be carefully maintained both as expensive crystal or patterned glass.

15 years wedding is usually presented with gifts made of glass or crystal.A perfect gift will be original glass goblets, wine glasses, glasses and wine glasses, good, great variety of them now: colored, hand-painted on colored legs, etc.It will be a wonderful gift for candy, salad bowls, napkin holders, various glass pots and baking dishes.Not bad jubilee will present a hand-painted vase paints or colored glassware.If the spouses love animals, you can give a glass sculpture of the dog, cat or other creature.And how many items you can pick up for an interior in the jubilee gift ?!The main thing - to show imagination, that your gift was a pleasant surprise for the "glass couple."

«Young" can give a watch or jewelery with Swarovski crystals and a man - a set of glass beer glasses or mugs, the original form of an ashtray (if he smokes).By the festive table the happy couple should wear something bright (my wife - something with transparent inserts).

at the celebrations dedicated to the fifteenth day of the wedding, the couple exchanged or glass crystal wine glasses or goblets.They can be engraved the names of the heroes of the day.These glasses will be kept in the family for a long time, as the memory of an unforgettable day - 15 years of marriage.Of these "glass couple" will drink and follow their weddings.

need to serve a festive table glass and crystal ware.Champagne poured only in crystal glasses.The celebration lasts until such time as someone does not specifically break a plate, a glass or a glass of "happiness", "married".

The celebration in honor of 15 years of wedding anniversaries necessarily the presence of children.Who but they cemented family relationships parents.Who but they help them to appreciate what they have, to feel his destiny and parental happiness.

imperceptibly fly for five more years, and the family together to celebrate the next anniversary - twenty years from the date of the marriage, so-called porcelain wedding.To live up to this date, the couple must remember that they are both family building, so we need to cherish and appreciate their happiness, their soul mate with whom dreamed once to survive until golden wedding.Let your dreams come true!