Acne: fish amaze

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European eel - one of the most unusual fish that are found only on our planet.Throughout his life, they are undergoing so many amazing metamorphosis and overcome such a distance that their feats are striking.You can start with the fact that acne - the fish that live in fresh water, but breed in the ocean.

from around the world for that they float in the Sargasso Sea.Just hatched larvae powerful ocean current carries to the shores of Europe.Incredibly long and dangerous journey lasts for three years.

Just off the coast of Eurasia ugorki finally reach seven to eight centimeters long, but that does not stop the hard way.Whatever you say, but eels - fish, which are very resistant and consistent in their endeavors.

When they reached the river, they gradually raised them to the places where their parents lived.Here they live up to 25 years, and then repeat the path of their ancestors in the Sargasso Sea.To overcome this complex and insidious way, and are often forced to crawl between the rivers up to tens of kilometers!

And all this - for the sake of the road at seven thousand kilometers and spawning, after which they will die ... In short, acne - fish that are very similar in this respect to the salmon, but their migration runs contrary.

way, they are very tender and tasty meat is valued from ancient times.More on the great feasts of Alexander the Great supplied his most honored guests.Even then, scientists did not give rest a question: "How do these fish breed, if none of them has ever been found or eggs or milk?"

Then Aristotle speculated that eels - fish that are born in the coastal mud!

Surprisingly, but the thought of the great thinker was a dogma ... for two millennia.And only in 1694 the great Italian naturalist and naturalist Francesco Redi put forward a correct assumption.

He spent several years watching the eels.Redi followed them and found out that these amazing creatures get in packs and swim down the river, heading for the seas.Valid: all fish eel (where it is found a large number of) times disappeared from some places, but these fluctuations in numbers no one paid any attention.

course, few believed him.For the naturalist did not provide any conclusive evidence!

indirect confirmation of a bold hypothesis was the experience katstsa, another Italian scholar and a gentleman.Nearly 200 years after the theory of Redi, he fished in the Gulf of Messina highly unusual fish, which until then no one described.

┬źnew kind of" called Leptocephalus.In 1897, a couple of fish placed in the aquarium and watched.After a year of waiting for a startling discovery: the body leptotsefalov shortened centimeter lost specific leaf-shaped, becoming acne vulgaris!

However, there are not only freshwater species.In particular, the European marine fish eel.It grows to a length of three meters and can reach a weight of 120 kilograms!

way, the reproduction of this species is still not exactly known.It is known that for spawning eels descend to great depths.Breeding areas - Gibraltar.But there are no details about the exact location buttonhole eggs, and the process is still nobody is described.