How to enable autoplay - Tips and Secrets

Modern operating systems are fully optimized for the needs of its users, which means that a large number of support programs.Such applications include, and autostart, which allows you to not worry about the inclusion of the necessary programs, and will do it themselves.It is a function that is implemented in several operating systems, it means itself automatically perform certain actions when it detects new devices.This function is rather insecure, because if your computer has Autorun all downloaded software, the system can independently enable malicious applications.

In order to understand how to enable autoplay, you must first understand what it is actually needed.When you turn on the computer and start the operating system Windows, but herself, runs a host of other support programs, work on which the user does not think too much, but they are necessary for the successful operation.

For such applications include anti-virus, firewalls, some codecs, etc.However, in some cases, the lists get other programs that are running are unsuitable.The next time you turn they enter the ranks of the working programs occupy memory, and no use of them.For a time the user does not pay attention to it, I do not think about how to turn on Autoplay only needed programs, but sooner or later there comes a time when computer resources for all applications no longer enough, and the urgent need to solve this problem.

What to do?

Thinking about how to configure startup programs, you need to understand that a list of specific actions depends on the version of the operating system.To adjust the startup of Windows 7 you need to find a line to be executed, "Run" and enter the word Ā«msconfigĀ» (without the quotes), then go to the Startup tab.To enter the line to be executed, you can use two options - either to go through "Start - All Programs - Run" or use a combination of Win + R.This will display a list of programs, and once it becomes clear how to turn on autoplay, because it will be enough to put a tick in the relevant programs and remove, where they are not needed.The main thing - do not forget that you need to save all the changes.

In some cases, these settings is not enough, you need to understand how to configure the autostart on a more subtle level.But to do it on their own should be only very experienced users, because careless changes can significantly impair the performance of the operating system as a whole.You should not make them in the registry if the user is not confident in their abilities - it can lead to unexpected consequences, it is best to consult a qualified professional in the field of information technology.This wizard will tell exactly how to turn on autoplay, and not to cause irreparable harm to the operating system.

Additional programs

help to understand the operating system and how to enable autorun utility will cCleaner, which helps clean the computer drives from unnecessary and obsolete files, and manages the startup.To do this, run it, go to the tab "Tools" - "Auto".Here you will find all the programs that can be included with the computer, among them the need to choose the appropriate and necessary.After you click "Enable" all settings will be saved, and if you want to disable, then after setting a tick in the appropriate program, you need to click "Delete."The application itself is not removed, but it is present in the startup will be no more.In addition, a similar function can perform utility AIO Security Manager or Startup Manager.