Who is the richest man in Russia?

For the past ten years, the famous financial-economic magazine "Forbes" (USA) published in Russian.Most popular all over the world thanks to this edition won published the rating of "most-most": rich, successful, expensive, and so on. D. In 2013, according to information published in the "Forbes", the number of billionaires (dollar) Russia became the honorable firstplace.In August last year the magazine has compiled a list of the richest people in Russia.It has been two years, led by the same person - Alisher Usmanov.

Its total capital is estimated at more than 17 billion dollars, but in other publications can be found numbers that exceed those in the 3-4 billion.In addition, some local editions the title "Russia's richest man" is not Usmanov and Vladimir Lisin.There are also publications in which these "lucky" called Oleg Deripaska.But according to "Forbes", Lisin occupies the eighth position, and Deripaska does not exist in the top ten.Probably, such a discrepancy arises from the fact that different publications estimate the capital of a billionaire by different criteria.Besides, the rich state is recorded on their family members and other relatives, so that accurate information on the size of the capital of a businessman virtually none.Nevertheless, we present you the list of the richest people in Russia, published in the journal "Forbes".

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The richest people in Russia in 2013

version of the magazine "Forbes"

three leaders headed by Alisher Usmanov, followed by Mikhail Fridman and Leonid Milhenson occupying, respectively, second and third place.At the fourth position - Viktor Vekselberg.At the fifth - Vagit Alekperov.42-year-old billionaire Andrey Melnichenko - the sixth in the rankings, and Vladimir Potanin - the seventh.The last three places in the top ten wealthy people hold Russian Vladimir Lisin - the owner of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine in, the owner "Volga Group" Gennady Timchenko and Mikhail Prokhorov, occupying respectively 8 th, 9 th and 10 th places.

Russian version of the magazine "Seo"

But in the authoritative publication "Finance" (magazine "CEO") published another list, which is slightly different from the first.The leader of the list is still the same, Alisher Usmanov, and is in 8th place in the rating of "Forbes" Vladimir Lisin here - in second position.Vladimir Vekselberg also jumped two steps and is on the 3rd place.But Mikhail Fridman, on the contrary, went down two steps and took 4 th place.Mikhail Prokhorov, the end of the list (10th line) moved into the middle - in fifth place.Alexei Mordashov, occupying the 6th stage of the rating magazine "Seo", generally not in the list, "Forbes."Leonid Milhenson from the third position went to the 7th.Oleg Deripaska, who is not in the rating of "Forbes", but that some domestic publication called "the richest man in Russia," in this list occupies the eighth position.Vladimir Potanin is the penultimate stage in the top ten.And the last place is occupied by Vagit Alekperov - the fifth position in the ranking of "Forbes".

Russia's richest man

As you can see, the richest Russian businessman according to both lists is Alisher Usmanov.He owns a metallurgical holding "Metalloinvest", is co-owner (29.9% stake) of the British legendary FC "Arsenal" and the cellular operator "MegaFon" and others. Russia's richest man was born in Uzbekistan in the family of the prosecutor.He was educated at MGIMO.After the collapse of the USSR, he moved to Russia, where he founded his own business - the production of plastic bags, as well as in Russia has imported tobacco.Simultaneously, he studied at the Finance Academy and received his bank employee.Once in the banking sector, he made an incredible success: one was replaced by another, higher.Later, he became CEO of the Limited Liability Company "Gazprominvestholding" owned to this day.Then Usmanov bought a stake in General Internet holding company DST, which in 2010 changed its name to "Mile. Ru Group".It consists of Mail.ru, "VKontakte", "Classmates", 10% "Facebook" and others. State Alisher Usmanov, compared with the previous year decreased by 0.5 billion dollars: 18.1 billion to 17.6.Despite this, he said, according to "Forbes" and other authoritative publications, - Russia's richest man.