Older and younger children

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wonder why it is believed that the brothers and sisters should always love one another?What should not be quarreling and live peacefully.Why when a stranger something unpleasant to him, you can stop to chat, and if your brother or sister, you're bound to love it?Is it possible to love out of debt?

giving birth to her second child, parents should understand that it is impossible to make the first-born of love born baby brother or sister.But they can raise children so that a spark of mutual love, devotion and respect she lit up in children's hearts.Most give birth to a second child thinking that the firstborn was not alone to relatives by blood people supported each other through the difficult path of life.And they are surprised and upset if they see that this is no love.Adults should understand that children do not owe anybody anything, that each of their children - a unique personality, and help them to love each other can only be cultivating this same brotherly love.

Probably, almost all faced with the fact that after the birth of her second child gets jealous firstborn child to parents and trying at all costs to win their attention.Sometimes mothers think that the eldest child is doing in spite of: ape, spoiled, does not respond to requests.Like big, and it pretends to be small!In such cases, it is important to understand that he is still a child, he is only 4-6 years.Let him stay young.Do not be afraid to play along: Treat with him, shake him, kak-as if it's small.It will not harm, laughter is better than strict shout.It is believed that the greater the age difference between the children, the less it appears jealousy.After growing up a child is not so much in need of parental attention, such as 3-5-year-old kid.This is true.A wise mother is bound to attract an older child to the care of the newborn.Then the baby will be supervised, and the firstborn will feel needed.One need only child clearly explain how and what to do, what not to do, and these rules have to be repeated many times, until he understands and learns them.Grown kids are busy having fun with their younger brothers and sisters, however, parents should not forget that they, too, can not deprive the attention and that children, whatever they may be - large or small - always waiting for them to love, care, affectionand understanding.We must remember that we can not deprive the attention of any of the children, each child in the family wants to be sure that it is very important for mothers and fathers, that he understands and love as well as a brother or sister.

Often our children think they mean little to his parents.After all, how surprised kid of the famous cartoon about Carlson, who learned "how expensive it is" for parents.Therefore, it is important that the birth of the second child was not perceived firstborn, as the appearance of "rival", and parents should exercise the attention and love in the same way as before.It is important that one of the parents took time older child completely.So he can be at least sometimes only mom or dad, not the baby.It is not easy to arrange, but you might.This can be arranged at a time when the baby sleeps.Or let the crumb will stay with dad or grandmother, and my mother go for a walk with her favorite child.Over the weekend, dad can go with the little boy in the senior car market, or to the zoo or go with little daughter in a puppet theater.In other words, if the older child will not feel slighted, and he will not have to share their parents with the baby, it will not have an excuse for not loving brother or sister.He will feel that is unique and important to you as well as a junior.Go for a walk with two children take part in the life of each.Today, go to the matinee to the younger, tomorrow - on the performance of the senior school.You must try to consult with an older child, for example, what toys will approach the kid, what kind of clothes he'd better buy, what to give him a birthday.Oldest child must feel that his opinion is important to you, because he is an adult and intelligent.Children need to know that their semya- is one team where everyone helps each other.

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to love the same two kinds of people, even if they are your own children.They're so different, each with its own moods, fears, weaknesses, each in his own naive, touching ... And how can we love them equally, if each of them - individual, individuality?Parents are trying by all means to suppress afford it, try to relate honestly equally to all her children.But it does not always succeed, and that thought sometimes gives them real suffering.But you just need to understand that love to children in different ways, it is natural and normal.It can not be the same love for the teen and tiny tots.First love love demanding, wise, active, second - gently and tenderly cherishing as something precious and fragile.Parents do not need to show the children that they are equal to them.If this is true, the children immediately feel insincerity.In addition, there is nothing good in the identification of children, it is humiliating for them.Children are very well aware that they are different.Why should their "single stereotype"?Wise parents will always be guided by the interests of each child.

No matter how great the temptation, is not permissible to compare children.Wise mother must ensure that children are able to enjoy each other's successes without envy.Praising a child for success, in any case we can not say to another that he is worse than what he can not.

Try not to scold the child in front of others.Can you imagine how you would feel if a slip on the job and the chief scolds you in the presence of colleagues.You have tormented the shame and hurt, right?And no better if he would call you into the office and expressed their grievances without witnesses?Likewise, the behavior of parents plays an important role in situations where children are fighting.If they indiscriminately will always punish the older, the younger very soon begin to enjoy.In the end, everyone loses: the elder feels offended, Jr. becomes a sneak, and parents lose credibility.When parsing quarrels between children need to be objective and impartial, not to take sides.It is enough to listen carefully to both sides, regret offended.Receiving from parents need encouragement, children will solve the problems themselves.

We must make an effort to see each child's strengths, focus their attention on them.This is very important when in a relationship with one of the children there is tension or irritation.

Buying younger toy, it does not mean that older and need to buy it.The older the child, apparently very different dream: to ride a scooter or go on the rides.So everyone - his own.We need to treat it naturally.And no need to torture yourself silly torments.And our love we should as much as possible to talk to our children - and both at once, and each individually.

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