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Unnoticed flashed lived together years.Many diverse events happened over a long period - were born and raised children were educated, had married, and even give the grandchildren ... However, do not cool down feelings of spouses, who were able together to survive the grief and joy, as promised in the distant but memorableDay in the registry office.Not every happy couple meets his silver jubilee.However, since silver wedding come - it should hold so that it is remembered not only "groom" and "bride", but also to all guests.This life abroad usually coincides with the beginning reassessment of values, summing up a mid-life, and even if the time and the distance scattered dear people - more suitable occasion to gather all together, you will not find.

course, well, when preparing the anniversary celebration will take the children, relatives or friends - they will decide how to spend the silver wedding.In this case, there is an element of surprise for the heroes of the occasion, a kind and therefore particularly pleased surprise.Beforehand book a room for events, agree with the presenters, musicians, discussing with them the script silver wedding.Pre-think over every detail: decoration of the hall, which will be celebrated the triumph, making colorful wall newspapers with a photo chronicle of events experienced by the couple, posters with the congratulatory text.A unique gift for the couple will be the original slide show, beginning with images of 25 years ago, slowly leafing through page after page in the book of life.Flash frames, causing a genuine surprise at the joyful faces of heroes of the occasion, no doubt delighted with this view will be gathered all, without exception.

script silver wedding - this is the main "articles", the upcoming celebration, it is desirable to define the parties - someone prepared in advance (if required by the terms of competition), but, basically, all the roles are distributed spontaneously and get even more interestingthan pre meticulous preparation.And not always get hold of previously planned actions as required by the script silver wedding.Sometimes, because of the circumstances, we have to improvise, and the result is not worse, but much more fun and more natural.

Leading jubilee offers to exchange silver rings, wedding dance waltz, "groom", with slightly graying at the temples, circling in the dance rejuvenated his "bride" in the veil, flowing in a whirlwind of dance.Successfully matched contests silver wedding keep the overall fun, charging all present positive emotions.A festive table anniversaries cut wedding loaf leading read the text of the comic oath, offering to repeat it "newlyweds" are given all sorts of documents, for example - the diplomas, certificates - all diluted jokes, laughter and, at times repetitive, shouts of "bitter"what a wedding be without it?

And, of course, attribute the unprecedented - a silver medal for the people who have lived together a quarter century, and certainly deserved rewarding in its silver jubilee.Silver symbolizes nobility and purity of relationships.Years together thoroughly tempered, but not cooled feelings, repeatedly subjecting them to tests of strength.There is no way to always everything went smoothly, but overcome by the way, did not destroy love, sparkle in the eyes, looking affectionately at each other couple - clear evidence of the fact.

nice to know that for them the script written by silver wedding, caring grown children go through life side by side, time-tested, real friends.The eye does not tear away from cheering the couple, the wedding feast of heated, they even slightly similar to each other.Experience the feeling will help them as adults to be happy and successfully meet the next major anniversary - wedding gold.