What better brake pads: useful information

If you want to be sure of the effectiveness and reliability of the brake system of your vehicle, you must choose the right brake pads and discs.What better brake pads?What threatens the brake system malfunction?This is what will be discussed.

brake system is only two types of disc or drum.When braking, the vehicle pads firmly grip the disc, so that it stops rotating.All machines freely pads blown air.This makes it possible to cool the friction material (which is important for pads, as they may warm up as much as six degrees Celsius).For the highlands used ventilated disc brakes.The only difference - the presence of special holes through which the motion gets the cold air on the pads.On the question of what is better brake discs, the answer is ambiguous.The fact that the drum, and disk systems fit under certain conditions.And they should choose, on the basis of climate, terrain and riding style.

It does not skimp on the brake discs, and indeed to the brake system as a whole.This may lead to an accid

ent and possibly with fatal consequences.Regularly replace parts.Buy brake parts in Russia is very simple, but make the right choices - is difficult.Each driver is faced with when buying a huge range of products and can not decide which is better to choose the brake pads.

Many buyers think that the replacement of the original disc pads for other needs to improve the braking system and reduce stopping distance.But not quite.Some non-proprietary pads may simply not fit to your vehicle and, conversely, increase the braking distance.Therefore, you should carefully pick spare parts for cars.

It should be noted that the change of brake pads is better to change everything at once.For example, if you change the front pads ripped through both front wheels.So do the replacement of the rear brake pads.This will eliminate the conditions under which new and worn-out shoes are not the same to stop the wheels, making the car handling deteriorate.

What brake pads is best to choose and whether to pay

As a rule, the cost of production affects the quality of the friction material from which it is made, as well as brand.

Prices original pads is much higher, but such an overpayment in this case, ensures unsurpassed quality.You can also buy products and other manufacturers - then the cost will be a little lower.But this is to ensure the reliability and quality of the company that produces such items.Avoid purchase brake parts markets, vosstanovlёnnyh pads (disc), or parts of dubious origin.Saving on the brake system, you can get a low-quality goods, which quickly breaks down.It is best to purchase spare parts in specialized points of sale.

In order to find out what the brake pads to choose, the experts were rating the most reliable producers:

  • Ferodo;
  • EBC;
  • Bendix;
  • Remsa;
  • Roadhouse;
  • Jurid;
  • ATE;
  • Pagid.

These and other criteria to help choose the best brake pads and discs for your car.