How to save and use maple leaves?

form of a maple leaf is easily recognizable.It can be seen on the Canadian flag, and indeed, it is unlikely in Russia there are people who can not currently provide it.Very beautiful maples in autumn: the leaves acquire their beautiful color, such as in a special smell.Children and adults collect them in a beautiful yellow-orange bouquet that perhaps can be called a symbol of the golden autumn.

But maple leaves are stored in this way is not very long.How to prolong his life?And what else they can do?In fact, a lot of variants.First of all, you need to pick the right leaves: they need to be quite fresh, even the rotting process should not they start.After collecting sufficient number, you can think about how to keep them.The most popular way - to iron their iron through a sheet of newspaper.This will help remove excess moisture from the leaves and prevent rotting.However, this measure may be somewhat spoil their beautiful color.Another well-known way - to put maple leaves in the book for a while, it will not hurt if pave the blanks herbarium newspaper.But a couple of months, in order to certainly get a good result, will have to wait.

So what can be done with the dried leaves?Firstly, the same bunch who will stay much longer, especially if you cover it with a special compound, which is used floristy.Vo Secondly, they can be used for applications, herbaria and other similar craft.Some even makes them beautiful roses, turning in a special way a few leaves around each other.These flowers can be covered with paint and turn them into beautiful Christmas ornaments, especially since the manual work is very much appreciated, especially if it is such an exclusive.

addition to decorative functions, maple leaves can act as a drug, they are widely used in traditional recipes.Thus, it is believed that they possess wound-healing, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties, and can also serve as an antiemetic, diuretic, antipyretic.There is even the view that the maple leaf has analgesic effect.However, these funds should not use without consulting a doctor, because only a professional can find the right medication to the patient.

the way, not all the same maple leaf shape, and there are about 160 species in this genus.Varies the amount of their shares, they can be round or more elongated.But almost all people somehow revere these trees, it is located in the famous Japanese gardens, maple leaves inspired poets and composers to create poems and songs.

In addition, a valuable wood and beautiful honey plant.In Canada, the symbol of which he is a long time it is made maple syrup, which is added to desserts.So great is the importance of the tree for humans.Regardless of how maple useful and practical, it is simply beautiful, and leaves can resemble a long romantic nature of the warm autumn days and the people who were there.