Cutting sturgeon at home: practical advice

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Many people love with fish and seafood.Because sturgeon skillful hostess will prepare a truly royal dishes.

Who is

Sturgeon Sturgeon, as well as the famous sturgeon or beluga, sturgeon belongs to the family of freshwater fish.Buy this delicacy, caught in their natural habitat, it is almost impossible.Industrial fishing of this fish is prohibited, as individuals reach sexual maturity only in the 8th year of life, and the view was exposed to the threat of extinction.For Sale sturgeon are grown in special nurseries and sell freshwater in live form.When buying fish, it is not necessary to pay attention to the fins, as they are always a dark color.The average weight of adult sturgeon varies from 15 to 30 kg, but put up for sale juveniles weighing about 3 kg.

growths on the skin

Cutting sturgeon begins its pre-freeze, which the carcass is necessary to put a couple of hours in the refrigerator for about an hour or kept in the freezer, but no more, otherwise you can freeze.Slightly frozen fish much easier to carve and remove excess blood stasis.

Once it is frozen, start cutting the sturgeon.To do this, cut off the head with the head fins.It should be noted that raw fish has poisonous to the human body viziga.Moreover, it is a gut peddler spore-forming rod, so it's important to know how to clean the sturgeon correctly.Learning that everyone is capable of.

After the sturgeon's head cut off with a sharp knife along the entire body to anal ripped belly and gently pull out the insides.Do it carefully, trying not to crush the gallbladder as bile is toxic to humans.In the presence of her calf is separated from the rest of the innards and washed with water.

If we talk about how to safely clean the sturgeon, it is better to do it with gloves to avoid puncture wounds.The build-up along the body of the fish is easy to cut off the usual knife, as well as back, and for the removal of plaque it is necessary to pour over boiling water.

Clean scales like other fish, do not, do not remove the skin, too, especially when cooking over an open fire.This cutting sturgeon is over, now it is left to cook.

Viziga (vyaziga)

Viziga or vyaziga - is spinal chord (wire) passing through the vertebral cartilage fish.Cutting sturgeon differs from cleaning other fish that necessarily need to get out of it vizigu.If it does not immediately pull out, it starts to produce the poison.After the heat treatment, it becomes gelatinous state.

If you need to keep the whole carcass, in order to get vizigu make two cuts - one along the head to the spinal cartilage, and the second along the tail, is breaking a vertebra.In place of the fault will be visible viziga white color, a diameter of about 3 mm, and must be slow to avoid tearing, pull.If the carcass is cut into pieces, then pull vizigu even easier - you must cut off the head and tail, turn perpendicular to the carcass, and she slips.

head and fins

Once beheaded sturgeon with pectoral fins, must be removed from the gills (gill membranes, which increments to the isthmus hole, but do not form folds).From the head, you can cook a delicious soup.

The easiest way to prepare fish soup from the head of sturgeon - is to cut it in half, rinse under running water, put in a pot, pour boiling water, add salt, spices, pepper, carrot, onion whole and cook for about 30 minutes (until the meat beginsto move away from the head).The head should pull out, broth, to taste add the potatoes, barley and so on. D.


sturgeon sturgeon cooking methods do not differ from the preparation of other types of fish.It can be baked in the oven, cook the soup or cook barbecue, fry in a skillet or grill, cook for a couple or used as a filling for pastries.And some of it obtained burgers and kebab!Given the bright flavor, fat content and no small bones, fish becomes ideal for any food.

One of the most delicious and beautiful dishes on the holiday table was always stuffed with sturgeon.For this whole carcass (head and tail) need to cut, as indicated above, the inner pull by making an incision from the anal fin towards the head.The resulting niche fits any toppings, such as potatoes, carrots and herbs (filling have to be finished).The section should be sewn with thread, on top of the carcass sturgeon need to add salt, pepper, spices or smear mayonnaise and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes in foil.Then remove foil and bake should be without it for browning.

Whichever way you go prepared sturgeon dish sure to please unsurpassed taste you and your loved ones.