What refrigerators better - how to choose

range of quality home appliances has always been quite a challenge.Today, manufacturers offer an extensive product range of all kinds of products.It is especially difficult to decide when it comes to such a technically complex and indispensable unit in everyday life, as a refrigerator.

refrigerators What is better?The answer is quite easy.For a variety of advanced models, their equipment and functionality simply dazzling.Many of them can not even be put in one number - how different their designs and specifications.On the question of what is best refrigerators, each brand strives to offer its own version of the response.Consumers, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to develop certain personal criteria for evaluating the quality and functionality of the unit.Before you decide where to buy a refrigerator and what is the model to choose should be reserved in advance some useful information about these devices.

first visual criterion, which is worth paying attention to are

the size - the size, shape and capacity.These parameters allow to decide what is best refrigerators in terms of your convenience and needs.Typically, the standard depth of most models of sixty centimeters, but there are products to a depth of eighty centimeters.

height is determined by the type of arrangement of cameras refrigerator and ranges from 50 to 210 cm. With respect to the width, most of the models presented with default values ​​from 60 to 100 cm. Naturally, the filter should be given space allotted for the machine.But keep in mind that the volume of the internal space of the refrigerating chamber should be such that can accommodate different products are not close to honor the free circulation of air.

deciding what is best refrigerators - large or small, need to remember that their choice depends on the size of property and number of family members.For small flats and for those who do not need a large amount of the unit, it is advisable to purchase a single-chamber compact model with standard dimensions of 60x60 cm.

Another important criterion is the type of control unit.The simplest and most accessible in terms of price - a mechanical type in which there are no settings, and temperature control pre-programmed by the manufacturer, and the change will not happen.More functional and user-friendly, but at the same time is a costly refrigerator, equipped with electronic control.This feature allows you to adjust the temperature at any time according to the type of products and your personal preferences.Of course, it is best to choose a model of this type with separate control panels for refrigeration and freezer.

An important parameter is the level of energy consumption.It is advisable to choose the model that spends less energy.Such technical characteristics necessarily listed in the data sheet.Of course, in the big city, where there are plenty of supermarkets of home appliances, select the desired model is much simpler.For example, buy a refrigerator in Moscow is much easier than somewhere in a small provincial town, if only because of the wider range and a greater variety of brands.