How to remove the smell of alcohol from his mouth: effective techniques

How to remove the smell of alcohol from his mouth with the help of folk remedies and as soon as possible?This question is particularly interested in those who visited on the eve of a large and luxurious holiday, where there were a lot of different drinks and all sorts of delicacies, after which hurts pretty bad taste in the mouth, and sometimes severe headaches.In fact remove such a "flavor" is easy enough and simple, but it is necessary to strictly follow all the advice and recommendations as described below.

Before you get rid of the smell of alcohol from his mouth, you want to prepare the following low-cost components that can easily save the arisen situation:

  • small amount of roasted coffee beans (powder or granulated coffee will not work);
  • pharmacy tool called "Antipolitsay";
  • laurel leaves;
  • one ripe lemon (you can mate);
  • apple cider vinegar (a few drops);
  • roasted salted seeds.

How to remove the smell of alcohol from his mouth: a few effective methods

1. Lightly roasted coffee beans are one of the most effective and proven ways to get rid of this postprazdnichnoy trouble.To this end, before leaving the apartment should be thoroughly chewed some pieces of roasted coffee, and if necessary also to take with him.After all, this product is able to kill the smell of alcohol only for half an hour.

2. The answer to the question of how to eliminate the smell of alcohol mouth, may well serve as bought from a supermarket or drugstore chain drug that has the peculiar name "Antipolitsay."This tool is able to completely eliminate unpleasant "aroma" in minutes.As is well known, it is composed of natural substances that refresh and purify breath due to the absorption of molecules of odorants.However, it is worth noting that most of the traffic police are well aware of the smell of "Antipolitsaya."In this regard, it is not necessary to drive a car, if you do not believe that the breathalyzer will not show more than 0 ppm.

3. Very often, wondering how to remove the smell of alcohol breath, many people hear in response to that need only jams fruit gum or eat a few mints.It should be noted that these recommendations can, conversely, to give "flavor" more alcohol.Therefore, these products should be abandoned.

4. Ideal help to get rid of the smell of alcohol a few leaves of bay leaf.They need to chew thoroughly.Of course, the taste is extremely unpleasant and bitter, but it's worth it, because this method is surprisingly quickly eliminates fume smell.To remove the aftertaste from Laurel, you can eat mints or gum fruit jams.

5. Before you remove the smell of alcohol mouth using the above means, it is recommended to try to eat one of these spicy dishes: hodgepodge, pickle and sour soup.Sometimes such dense meal can not only eliminate the smell of alcohol, but also relieve some hangover.

6. Another effective method of getting rid of the "flavor" of alcohol can be the following recipe: you want to squeeze the juice from a ripe lemon halves and then add a few drops of apple cider vinegar.The resulting liquid should be thoroughly rinsed her mouth.This procedure eliminates odor and helps to restore the normal microflora in the oral cavity.It is also an ideal option is the use of roasted seeds.