Bark beetle - a dangerous pest

real disaster can result in the emergence of the beetle, as the bark beetle, in a wooden house.He had settled in the vast territory of the European part of Russia, the Far East and Siberia.The same bug as simple citizens and prevents any damage to the forest does?

bark beetle got its name not accidentally.If the bark of the tree settles a couple of insects, further their livelihoods will lead to the fact that the trunk will be like the imprint of a printing machine.

Most young adults recently emerged from pupae are very small size, their calf soft, light brown in color.Growing up, they change color, becoming very dark and even black, with small dots on the back.Maximum height - 4.5 mm.At the tip of the body has a recess with sharp edges, called a wheelbarrow.

bark beetle (photo presented in the article) on the health and lives of fallen trees in the thick wooden logs, sometimes stumps.At the same time engaged in the exploration and the search for suitable housing only males.By selecting a decent wooden shelter, male gnaws large cavity where creep 2-3 females, each of which fertilized.After that, females build their own mother move.The tunnel, which gnaws bark beetle, is intended only to lay eggs.The stroke length can be up to 15 cm, with each egg is laid out in a specially progryzennuyu dimple.At this point the mission of adult beetles over.They go out, fly, eat bark, twigs, shoots gnaw.A young larvae begin to actively develop, eating everything in its path.

voracious brood creates bizarre passages in which a person and considered a "typographic" picture.Stage of development of the larvae lasts 60-70 days.Then, the light from the chrysalis out adult beetles beetle.They still some time are in a familiar place, under the bark, and then take off at will.The younger generation is ready for the marriage period and sets out to find a suitable tree.The process is resumed.In the hot summer can deduce three consecutive generations, which completely spoil the wooden buildings and damage the wood.Healthy trees die in 2-3 years.Trying to defend himself, it produces a cavity resin and juices, but can not withstand constant intrusion.A wooden house transformed into a pile of rot more quickly.

In this regard the fight against bark beetle should be started when the first signs of his stay.Folk remedies here are unlikely to help.Science has established that the bark beetle is very sensitive to smells.During the mating season males emit pheromones - fragrant calling substances.This was the idea of ​​using scents in traps.The method is very effective, as the same flavor flock all females in the district.Unfortunately, larvae remain in their places.Therefore, using a cardinal method - removal of bark from infested trees and burning her, cutting the patient bush joke territory.