Arkaim - ancient city in the Urals

At the end of the 80s of the 20th century in the south of the Chelyabinsk region was discovered an ancient settlement Arkaim.This place would make the reservoir and flood, but scientists have been able to defend the place of excavation.Now there is a museum-reserve, it conducts research and open up new secrets that keeps Triomphe.The ancient city is one of many settlements.It is believed that their age is more than four thousand years.This makes the archaeological complex of the oldest place of civilization.

Why poyavilost name - Arch?The ancient city is located a few kilometers from the mountain with the same name, and the wasteland on the old maps also called Arkaim.The study found that it is not only the settlement of those years.Previously opened Sintashta complex belonging to the same culture.The settlements are located on the territory of about 300 kilometers, and called their country city.

Why is better known Arkaim - ancient city?Photos of the neighborhood from the aircraft shows its structure.Well looked bypass ditch, rings of defensive earthworks and the central square.Mound arranged in concentric circles, which are arranged inside the housing.The total area of ​​the settlements - about 20 thousand square meters.Not yet studied the whole territory, and that excavated, it raises more questions.

It turns out that in Europe the very first center of civilization - it Triomphe.The ancient city was built with the use of many of the technical knowledge, unknown at the time.For example, there's sewage system, an elaborate system of water supply, metallurgy industry.Developed infrastructure and fortifications puzzling researchers.

unusual structure of the city.It consists of two circles.The outer wall has a thickness and a height of more than five meters.It made four passes, which form the correct direction of the solar cross - the swastika.Buildings, too, arranged in a circle: the external of 35, and the inner - 25. studied now only 29 homes.Each center is located, well, outbuildings and steel furnace.To get to the central square, you had to go around the perimeter, moving in the course of the sun, because the inner ring was only one entrance.

Many scientists believe that the arch was an ancient observatory.After its radial construction and the correct orientation of the sun and the stars allows us to observe astronomical events 18: The days of new moons, full moons, solstices and equinoxes.But even such a well-known ancient building, as Stonehenge allows you to watch only 15 events, although they are located on the same latitude Arkaim.

still do not solve the mystery of the ancient city Arkaim.Why it was built, why it is suddenly abandoned by all the inhabitants and burned?And the people were gone, taking with them all the utensils.Only a few mounds near the town give evidence of the manners and customs of the people of that time.After the disappearance of inhabitants of the city at this point no one lived.This area is still considered the strongest anomalous zone in Russia.