Movies and achievements of Prince Oleg

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very interesting historical figure is a Russian prince Oleg.His date of birth is not known.The Chronicle says that Rurik on his deathbed appointed guardian of Prince Oleg, Igor and his son set over the principality of Novgorod.It was the right decision.Oleg, in fact, replaced by Igor and his father brought him quite educated and strong man.

While the main purpose of the princes was to expand the territories of their principalities by peaceful submission or the conquest of new territories.This was one of the main objectives and Prince Oleg.He decided to establish full control over the trade route to Byzantium by the conquest of the principality of Kiev, which was the center of Russian trade.In Kiev, while the governors reigned Askold and Dir, willfully seize power.In 882, the mingled squad led by Prince Oleg marched.With him he took Igor.

As the record, when the army led by Prince Oleg came to the city by boats, he asked Askold and Dir to meet him.His squad allegedly stopped in the city, moving to march to the south.When Kievan rulers went down to the rooks, Oleg, Igor showed them and said that they were not princes and princely family, and he - the son of Rurik.Thereafter Novgorod soldiers treacherously killed Kiev rulers.Residents of the city have not dared to speak out against Prince Oleg.In addition, many coastal tribes voluntarily submitted to his authority.

While the Slavs were subjected to raids by the Pechenegs and paid tribute to the rulers of the defense.Soon, hiking and activities of Prince Oleg led to the fact that the southern border of the state have become more secure.At the same time the prince continued to subordinate its power other Slavic tribes who were more removed from the Dnieper.Often the act had force because not all want to pay tribute.However, due to the many difficult political campaigns Oleg managed to unite the eastern Slavs and, in fact, to create the first Russian state.At the beginning of the tenth century in the annals infrequently can be found the names of the tribes.They gave way to fields and cities.

According to the chronicles, in 907, Prince realized march on Constantinople.His army set to go on boats, which were at least two thousand.The cavalry was on the beach.Nestor the Chronicler says that the Byzantines were closed in the city, leaving it to plunder the neighborhood.He also talks about the cruelty of the soldiers of the prince, who tormented the local population and drowned in a sea of ​​people alive.

As a result, the Byzantines asked for peace and agreed to pay tribute, which amounted to 12 hryvnia per person silver.After that was signed quite competent, even by today's standards a peace treaty.According to him, Russian merchants received privileges and could trade duty-free.An interesting fact is that the service of the Byzantine emperors had many Rusich then.From Byzantium to Russia went preachers and priests, which led to an increase in Christians.

Oleg died in 912.According to legend, the prince had predicted that the death will bring him the favorite horse.Oleg was a superstitious man and more it did not sit down, though, and was very fond of.However, many years later, thinking of his horse, he went to see his remains.As a result, the prince died of a snake bite, which crawled out of the skull of the animal.