How to cause IDA gnome?

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trolls, dwarves, elves, goblins exist only in fairy tales and folk legends and tales.So think adults.But children often believe in their existence.The children are going to spend watagami and try to call these mythical creatures.Does something have kids - it is unknown.The most common occupation among them in the midst of such cases is to call a certain fairy-tale nature, which is characterized by a love of profanity.Like guys do it?In this article, we'll show you how to call the IDA gnome.

Who is IDA dwarf?

Kids of all ages just love all the mysterious and mystical.Who of us in childhood did not cause the spirits of the departed to the other world famous personalities?Suffice it to recall, as we sat with bated breath over the saucer with the letters, and an invisible force was moving the needle and thread, thereby responding to a variety of issues.Call IDA gnome is also a such children's entertainment ritual.It is unlikely that someone has ever seen.However, you know what he looks like.As a rule, it is a small man, no taller than a meter.A thick beard, a cap on his head and a silver hammer in his hand are mandatory attributes.In some cases, it may be, for example, and in a helmet with horns and iron chain mail, grasped by a wide belt.To learn how to cause IDA gnome, will be discussed later (there are several different ways).In the meantime, we find out what distinguishes this mythical nature of other similar creatures.

Attributes fantasy creatures

appearance of said gnome will not pass unnoticed: this can be found on the characteristic of this character's childhood tales obscenities.Yes, he is foul language.Why is he doing this?Most likely, the gnome is not too pleased with his disturbed and aroused.And he is very fond of sweets.Most confectionery products used to draw it.Many children believe that the dwarf could fulfill desires.Like it or not, is not known.But when the creature finds itself, you can try to think of her fondest wish.Or maybe it will come true?

How to cause IDA gnome?Method number 1: Hot Pursuit

Want to see traces of mystical creatures?This method is suitable for those who want to learn how to call the day of IDA gnome.To do so: either hand palm smear toothpaste, go into a dark closet, where no natural light.And now you need to call our fantastic miracle.Pulling out his hand palm up and recite the following incantation: "IDA dwarf, come!" It would be nice at the same time to close his eyes.If you feel a movement and see the small circles in his palm, then dwarf came.

method number 2

unconvincing?Whether or not the closet?Welcome!Who will tell how to cause IDA dwarf other way.By the way, he is perhaps the most common.This will require a long string of any color.It is necessary to tie a few knots.And the more there are, the better.Next, you need to tie a thread to the legs of a table or a bed, raising it to 2-3 cm from the floor.To enhance the effect, you can attach to it or any other sweet treat.As is known, these characters just love sweet.Now extinguish the light and say the magic words three times "Gnome, come!" After some time, there will, and getting tangled in knots, starts to swear.The main thing is that your "barricade" adults did not notice ... like my mother.Cursing, she certainly will not be, but certainly questioning suit.

method №3

can summon fantasy creatures, not only at home but also in the street.We learn how to cause IDA gnome, for example, in the woods.This should be three.In advance of the tree is to find three different sizes.One will let the big, mean more, and the third - a little.It is important that these trees form a triangle.Now we need to take a satin ribbon and tie it trunks.The result should be a triangle.Call dwarf need to outline at 12 o'clock at night.But to come to the place of "meeting" must be 10 minutes before that time.As soon as the stroke of midnight, you need to join hands, repeat three times "IDA dwarf, appeared!" And spit over his left shoulder.After some time, there will be.For 13 minutes, it will gnaw tape.After this time, while the dwarf did not touch the cause, you need to have time to say three times: "Gnome, go away!" He walks a belief that the cause of this spirit is very dangerous.After all, if he touches a man, he may die.Here I am just wondering what to call it at all? .. Oh, children, children ...

method number 4

This method works well at night.To implement the conceived need a few people and a piece of white paper with a pencil.It is necessary to draw a portrait of one of those present, only dressed dwarf.To perform this ritual is to retire to some secluded place late in the evening or at night.Suitable for this purpose and a garden house, and outdoor furniture, and a terrace house.Portrait placed in the center of the floor and surround it on all sides.Instead of paper and a pencil, you can use an ordinary chalk.In this case, draw a portrait of the gnome on the floor or on the pavement.When everything is ready, hold hands and say the spell: "IDA dwarf, come for yourself!" After a while it will come.Gnome appears on a person's head, which was written off with the portrait.But it will only be able to see the "artist", that is, the one who drew the fabulous creature.The rest of it is only heard.Gnome is terribly swear he is dissatisfied with the quality of the picture.He will say that it is bad to portray that "hand would tear this unfortunate artist" and so on.

Stories of eyewitnesses

These fables told the children has been for many, many years ... Often, though, with the proviso that they not happened, but the neighbor Bob, Dima, Peter knew one of the boys... and so on. d.

interesting and seen it or even heard of anyone ever IDA gnome really?It is understood that cause it to tend to children.Referring to their comments in various forums devoted to mysticism, one can conclude that these creatures are absolutely real and often find themselves.And many kids do not know firsthand how to cause IDA gnome.Here is what they write about the results of such magic rituals.See firsthand what it looks like, this entity did not have anyone.But many of his heard and felt.Someone claims that differ silence sneezing and a hoarse voice.Most often it was a slurred speech.But you can learn it, and obscenities.It was clear that someone was very angry and trying to bring it to others.When guys looked around, you saw no one.And it does not take into account these strange sounds were impossible.If only the children were trying to relax and go to sleep in the room starts to happen mysterious things.That opened the lockers themselves, here and there there are scattered belongings.What is it?Rich children's fantasy or reality?Define it's hard.

Gnomes in the fairy tales

there are actually a variety of spirits and mystical essence?This question is probably the answer we do not find ever.They exist for those who believe in them.As already mentioned, many children know, such as how to cause IDA gnome.Photos of these fabulous creatures, but nobody has ever seen, since no one ever photographed them.But some of the guys feel a presence, not to mention quite distinguishable, in their words, swearing.But in the legends and tales of gnomes exactly there.It is worth recalling tales of the Brothers Grimm, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann and Wilhelm Hauff.They Dwarves appears to readers in the form of ugly dwarf with a beard and a cap on his head.They can be positive characters (as in the tale of Snow White) and negative ("Snow-White and Rose-Red").Gnomes can both reward people for their kindness and punish indifference, malice, greed.As a rule, these fabulous creatures possesses boundless wealth and protect it zealously.And they know the secrets of witchcraft and, if necessary, can apply these skills in practice.

warlike creatures

The stories of John Tolkien and CS Lewis gnomes look different.Here they appear in the image of militant dwarfs in iron helmets and chain mail.In their hands, as a rule, their favorite weapon - the ax.