The theory of official nationality

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in Russia since the reign of Peter the First ruling circles recognized the need to create your own class of educated people.However, the situation was very contradictory.The fact that Russia has "educated people" became the most "podryvatelyami" basis - opponents of absolutism.In this regard, subsequently Nicholas I rather ambiguous attitude towards education.After all, the question of the development of education in Russia was closely linked with another question, more important - preserving the existing system.

ideology of "protective" conservative domestic destinations served Uvarov (Minister of Education).He considered a priority to identify principles which constitute the distinctive features of Russia, belong only to it.It was he who in 1832 formulated the well-known triad "nation, Autocracy, Orthodoxy."This triad became the basis.It was based on the theory of official nationality Uvarov.

Given the fundamental differences in the historical development of Russia and Europe, the Minister of Education set out to combine the formation of culture and education and the idea of ​​the necessity of autocracy as a form of political system, the characteristic of old Russian state.It should be noted that the Western European education gave rise to revolutionary conflicts.In Russia, the "order" survived, as relied on obscure and unknown to Europe beginning.The theory of official nationality combined the educational ideas and thoughts of the union, a voluntary union of the people and the sovereign.This envisaged the absence of opposing classes.However, the author of the theory of official nationality recognized autocracy as the only possible form of government in Russia.Under Orthodoxy meant only inherent to the Russian people very deep religiosity.In accordance with a century of experience, the theory of official nationality claimed that autocracy was the only form of existence contribute to the maintenance of Eastern Christianity, which, in turn, reflects the internal moral and religious stance of the government.

subordinated to the task of maintaining the existing system in the country, Uvarov put forward his concept.It consists in the establishment of such schools and disciplines, which not only will not harm the public system, but will at the same time one of the most reliable supports for autocracy.It remains only to solve the question of the content of anticipated education.However, the Minister of Education could not deny that the development of new disciplines in Russia without invoking the ideas of modern science in Europe was not possible.It should be noted that until that time the foundations on which was based the theory official nationalism, manifested in some way spontaneously.With the development of the concept of the minister set himself the task of subordinating the entire system of "traditional Russian" enlightenment.Thus, education, forming and developing the concept of the established framework, would not undermine the existing order.

theory official nationality recognized serfdom as a boon for the state and the people.This system contains the personal dependence of one person from another, superior submission based on legitimate peasant masses.The order and discipline, love for the king, civil obedience, submission to the authority of government considered the best human qualities.Thus, in theory official nationality could not be better reflects the spirit of the age was of Nicholas.