Why do leaves turn red from the strawberries?

fragrant and juicy strawberries - one of the first fruits of the season.It contains many useful trace elements and vitamins.Even citrus yield to it by the number of vitamin C and calcium contained in berries, completely absorbed by the body.Delicious and healthy strawberries rich in antioxidants and is a favorite treat for adults and children, as well as the favorite fruit of agricultural growers.Alas, so many people's favorite product can be infected with harmful organisms, which manifests itself in the form of reddened leaves.In this article we will talk about why leaves turn red from the strawberries.We will try to consider the problem from all sides, so that you do not have to return to it.

Why do leaves turn red from the strawberries?The reason for this may be a different disease.Usually pieces of various shapes formed large spots.First, they have a reddish tint, then turn brown, and on the upper side of the sheet appear pads - conidial spores.On stalks and veins may appear purple spot colors.T

he fungus overwinters on the green, damaged and fallen leaves.After drying, the spores spread by insects and wind.Plant diseases is particularly pronounced in August and September, when the fruit buds appear.

learning about why leaves turn red from the strawberries, let's talk about the methods of treatment plants from such lesions.

1. Redness leaves may mean that they do not have power.In this case, pour into a standard 1/3 bucket of organic fertilizer, 1 teaspoon of potassium fertilizer, pour the entire contents of the water to the top, and after 3 days produce bait.Proportion: 1 liter of the aforementioned weight to 10 liters of water.Pour the solution need not leaves, but directly under the root of the plant.And if there are no visible signs of the disease, simply cut off the leaves.Trim leaves no harm, as the plant proliferates mustache.In the end, that there was no diaper rash, the ground around the bush wakes filings.

2. It promptly remove dead leaves, to prevent thickening planting strawberries, as well as to carry out preventive treatment in time.The spores of the fungus can hibernate in dry fallen leaves, autumn so be sure to remove any excess rubbish from the garden.

3. Also, the red leaves of the strawberry can be treated with copper-containing drugs such as "Bordeaux mixture", "Topaz," "Copper sulfate", "Speed" and "Vectra".The treatment should be done before the spring blooms and the autumn, after the last harvest of the crop.Not to mention that the strawberry leaves turn red in the natural process, for example, from temperature changes or because of too high acidity of the soil, so you need to carefully analyze the situation before taking any decisive action.

So, in the article we reviewed relevant at all times for gardeners question of why leaves turn red from the strawberries.We hope that now you will know how to deal with it.