Law enforcement authorities

State using their bodies constantly regulates various aspects of social life.In particular, we are talking about foreign and domestic politics, economy, science, culture, health, social security and so on.

What are the law enforcement agencies?

protection of freedoms, as well as all sorts of human rights - one of the most important tasks of the state and its organs.So says the Constitution.In addition to this protection, their priorities include maintaining law and order, fight against crime, delinquency, protection of the interests of businesses and organizations.

To some extent all this is done by non-governmental organizations, municipalities, governmental bodies, but there are special bodies that are directly related to the protection of the law.They are called by law enforcement.Their work is usually specific and very broad powers.Law enforcement agencies of foreign countries and Russia may be different from each other.The fact that there is still enough debate over the specific units which apply to them.

activities which are law enforcement agencies, called law enforcement.Beneath it is understood that the activities that are specifically authorized bodies whose main function - the suppression and the prevention of all kinds of crime, punishment of those responsible, as well as the restoration of the rights of victims.

Russian law enforcement agencies carry out their activities for the following purposes:

- the protection of the state and sovereignty, constitutional order;

- security, freedoms, rights, and identity;

- protection of society and all its values.

Law enforcement agencies today carried out:

- justice.This refers to the activities carried out exclusively by the courts to resolve and consideration of various criminal and civil cases, makes them certain decisions that are based on the law.Justice is administered arbitration courts, magistrates, courts of general jurisdiction.Apart from these, no one else has the right to do it;

- constitutional control.This control is exercised by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.It verifies compliance with the laws of the standards set out in the main law of our country.In addition to the law enforcement agency law NPA checks of state bodies, legality of the actions of senior officials;

- organizational support for judicial activity.Law enforcement authorities may be responsible for the proper functioning of the judiciary.As a rule, they have greater powers in their field of activity;

- public prosecutor's supervision.This term refers to the work done by prosecutors.It relates to the prevention and suppression of violations of the law.It is produced with the help of the prosecutor's response;

- the identification and investigation of crimes.These activities are the police preliminary investigation or inquiry agencies.It is aimed at the detection of crime, search for those responsible for their direct involvement in the criminal liability;

- legal aid.This deals with notaries, and the legal profession.

Law enforcement agencies are different.At first glance, it seems that everything is clear, but about them is often a lot of controversy.Some influential people argue that the courts should not be in law enforcement.This opinion of many supporters, but the courts still remain in the list, because their activities have forced impact.