Law treaty

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Regulatory agreement is an agreement, which contains the legal norms.Participation in it is taken by authorized state bodies.

Regulatory contract is mandatory for formal uncertain and a large group of people.Calculated the agreement on re-use, it acts independently of the occurrence or termination of certain specified relationships.Agreement on the delimitation of powers and terms of reference between the subjects of the Russian Federation and the authorities of the Russian Federation are numerous.

normative treaties has a legal basis, which is in the current legislation.These agreements function as pravovospolnitelnuyu, specifying and complementing legislation.

normative treaties always involves agency.At the same time the legal validity of the agreement is higher, the higher place is taken by the public authority in the management hierarchy.

normative treaties is in the interest of the public in order to achieve the common good.In other words, they are the predominant public goal.

normative agreement - an agreement that contains the rules that are designed to regulate the behavior not only of its direct participants (the parties), and other subjects.Thus, the agreement has a legal and external influence.There

strictly formal, special regulatory procedure to conclude the agreement, a special procedure for the consideration of conflicts and disputes, which are associated with its implementation.

Unilateral termination of or changes in contract terms are not allowed.It should be noted also that the concept of "force majeure" (force majeure), in this case does not apply.

Regulatory contracts are characterized by the publicity, accessibility conditions.In some cases, used official publication.Given that the above agreement is different general validity, confidentiality clause does not apply.

normative treaties represent a legal basis for the formation of administrative acts, agreements of individual character, the implementation of other actions that have legal significance.

Regulatory contracts are fairly common in the labor law.Enter into contracts, agreements, agreements containing rules of law may be a source of law.In Russia, are quite common collective agreements between employers and trade unions.

normative treaties are sources of law in those states that emerging economies, and state power is exercised in a legal form.These states, in particular, applies to the Russian Federation.So, in 1992, on March 31 the Federal Treaty, which has, of course, the regulatory character, was the basis for the formation of an independent state - Russia.

in international law is considered to be the main form of regulatory agreements.An international treaty is an agreement between States and other subjects, which is on the issues of common interest to the participants.The principles and rules contained in the above agreements provide regulation of mutual relations by establishing mutual responsibilities and rights.According to the wording of the Vienna Convention on the Law of international agreements, such as contracts concluded in writing.Thus, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1992 to 1998 was concluded about thirty agreements with the respective foreign ministries.Russian Interior Ministry also participated in the performance of obligations by more than 400 international treaties of the Russian Federation with other countries on the fight against crime in the world.