One of the most interesting and mysterious is the secret of your name.Many called trying to unravel the nature of man and understand how it should behave.For example, today has become a very popular name Artem.The mystery of this name was established in ancient Greece.It was from there it comes.Translated into Russian means "healthy."Previously, it was quite rare, but today has become increasingly common.

Little Artem

Mystery name hides a wonderful companion, calm and confident.He always protects the weak and helping hand to a friend.He does not seek the limelight, but, thanks to his personal qualities, enjoys prestige among relatives and friends.Artem - man independent and autonomous.His respect for the older kids and listen to his opinion.His sharp wit, insight and foresight to help make the right decisions.Artem usually has a great physique.He is engaged in sports, athletics and gladly goes to the gym.For parents, this child - a treasure trove.He never refuses to help around the house, go to the store and to visit ailing grandmother.Sometimes he likes to speak on various issues, and others should listen to him.

Adult Artem

Mystery name gives us an opportunity to talk about what a person is friendly and calm.He always strives to tell the truth, because of what often gets into trouble.Not everyone can appreciate this quality.Artem could take a sober look at the situation and make the right decision.He - a reliable friend, always ready to help in a difficult situation.He can tell you anything you want, including the most intimate secrets, and he never will not give them any pretext.At the same time he is very selective Artem.His other articles difficult.People see through it.Those lucky enough to be his friend, can always rely on him.

Family Life

Mystery named Artem is that he is a great family man.He cares about his family, always helping his wife at home, walking with her shopping.But it can not be called henpecked.He knows how to defend their views and to persuade others to it.Do not allow the pressure.If children, spouse or colleague try to get him to do what he does not want Artyom depressed.

Children Artem has authority.They respected him and listened with pleasure.He likes to play with the kids, taking them to the zoo and buy all sorts of stuff.But it can not be called wasteful.He was not inclined to make hasty purchases and rush into the pool with his head.

Professional activities

Artem, a mystery whose name means strong character can achieve success in areas such as journalism, medicine, architecture, pedagogy.He is subject to almost any area.Diligence and logical thinking to help him build a career.


build strong relationships and create a family can Artem Lyudmila, Anna, Larissa, Tamara.But Maya, Zoya and Marina Union is unlikely to be successful.