The best movies about superheroes: List

no secret that comics have always been of great interest to the creators of the films, it is thanks to them that were the best movies about superheroes.Two branches of art were formed almost simultaneously and was originally developed in parallel using such laws, the corresponding areas of the genre policies.Superficially, they seem quite close - the visual arts, the narrative is mainly built on dialogue.Comics can be called storyboards that are actively using Directed by cinema.

first film adaptation

Since the film industry professionals have learned to make the first simple special effects, regularly rent movies began to emerge about superheroes and other comic book characters.In the twentieth century left hundreds of films and TV series about the adventures of superhumans, and all the familiar characters of the viewer - from Spider-Man, Batman to the Hulk and Wonder Woman - began their march through the screens long before the boom of the 2000s.Just a while they did not have the global popularity.

earliest screen adaptations of comic books emerged in the 40s, some of them so far - it's the best movies about superheroes.One of these is considered to be kinokomiks "The Adventures of Captain Marvel."It was divided into several episodes, each of them always ended kliffhengerom.Each piece was broadcast in cinemas throughout the whole week.Unfortunately, for a long time movie, filmed on comics, it was cheap, many projects could not qualify for the honorary title of "Best movies about superheroes."


all changed in 1978, when the victorious march of the Home screen "Superman" by Richard Donner.He was the first and only truly expensive superhero feature films.The project has been truly revolutionary - a colorful, distinct, breathtaking, with unprecedented visual effects.What Donner was not afraid to put such an expensive film is Superman - quite logical, it is the most familiar, famous and mega American superhero.Later, in the unanimous opinion of the audience and critics, he headed the top of the best movies about superheroes.After that, dealers Hollywood it took 20 years to komiksovoy and superhero films became popular and ubiquitous.


More than 10 years later, a unique director Tim Burton gave the world his "Batman," which became the standard, at least an important milestone in the history of motion pictures in the comic books.The director, who gives priority to the visual part of the project, approached the adaptation of quite responsibly, just tried to move the aesthetics of comics to the screen."Batman" is one of three championship categories "Best movies about superheroes."


New Era superhero movies began in 2000, during this period the film studio 20th Century Fox has signed a contract with director Bryan Singer, specialized in thrillers and dramas to shoot pictures from the series "X-Men".At the beginning of the project and no one could not assume that the picture is about the adventures of the superhero mutants become insanely popular, and the income exceeds three times the budget of the shooting.Thus began a new era in the production of screen adaptations of comic books.Major blockbusters of the last decade are: "Iron Man," "Spider-Man", "The Avengers" and others.The best movies about superheroes, the list of which is given below, in the most advantageous removed on comics:

  • «Superman" (1978).
  • «Batman" (1989).
  • «X-Men" (2000).
  • «Spider-Man" (2002).
  • «Hulk" (2003).
  • «Fantastic Four" (2005).
  • «The Dark Knight" (2008).
  • «Iron Man" (2008).
  • «The Avengers" (2012).
  • «Man of Steel (2013)."

in the above list of the 10 best movies about superheroes were not included, although they are popular, these tapes, "Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014), "Green Lantern" (2011), "Thor" (2011), "Ghost Rider" (2007), "Hancock" (2008), "Daredevil" (2003), "Hellboy" (2004), "Catwoman" (2004).They are quite a bit behind the leader at the box office.

Incarnation standard

Superhero movies comics have become popular due to the fact that the archetype of the hero - a very popular idea in the art for the masses, especially the last century.Superheroes were extremely necessary in the difficult 20th century, and now, in the 21st, they need even more.In our chaotic modern mythology there is the influence of religion is weakening, townsfolk no reason for anyone not to follow.It remains to exalt humanity, heroism, and superheroes are just a very naive, simple and clear standard incarnation of the hero.


Watching explosion of activity subgenre, involuntarily start to wonder why the filmmakers took almost 100 years to get the hand to shoot gorgeous films on comics, why all the best superhero movies filmed in the last 15 years.Indeed, when compared to the first part of the epic "X-Men" (2000) and "The Avengers" (2012), the difference may seem colossal.It's all about the key features - rhythm.Comics - is an interactive sub-genre of visual art, each user decides independently how fast to read, on what was to focus frames, suspended.This unique flexible rate - the inherent advantage of the comics, movies confidently "takes" the audience by the hand and drags on the narrative in a given pace makers, leaving little choice for perception.It really weighty difference.When she realized kinopostanovschiki, the audience saw "The Dark Knight", filmed by the laws of genre movies, not comics.That is, when movies about superheroes in the comic books have ceased to be a "comic book", they immediately turned into a great movie.

superhero series

superhero comic book series, which originated back in the 40s and since then, for a long time too hard trying to match the original source, "Smallville," "Heroes".Currently, the creators of the soap operas focus on kinopriemah, starting from the history of the original "Boom", "Agents of SHIELD" and so on. D. It's hard to argue with the fact that the library of comic books is an endless supply of already proven and brilliant stories, the characters and the plot moves to superhero series.So the idea of ​​the film adaptation of the comic book will inspire filmmakers and TV for many years.