How to make a garden to the toilet

In summer, many residents of city apartments Michurin rush to their sites.But to each trip was a benefit, it should provide themselves with even the most necessary minimum.And one of the most important elements of a garden suite, without which virtually can not do.

Currently, there are a huge number of organizations and companies that can be built on any land plot various facilities, including such essentials.But in this matter, you can not use their services, since you can make a garden suite with your own hands.And this process does not take a lot of time and effort.

First we need to prepare the materials and tools.The last is:

- hacksaw;

- screwdriver;

- a hammer;

- shovel.A

of materials:

- bars 50x50 and 100x50;

- plywood;

- wall paneling or siding;

- screws;

- nails;

- profiled.

should now proceed with the construction.And the first stage - the planning and layout.The first step is to determine the location.Garden suite is best to equip a distance from the recreation area, on the far side of the site.When the location is determined, the counting is performed, for example wedges.It should specify the boundaries of design and sump.The average dimensions equal toilet 150 centimeters in length and 100 centimeters in width.

When counting is over, you should dig a cesspool.Some rigid restrictions on its size is not.But the most optimal variant is quite a deep hole.This is in order to avoid its frequent cleaning.

Garden suite is a light structure.Some people prefer to install it on the ground, while others still builds the foundation.If you do not want to mess around with the latter, you can simply remove the top layer of soil is soft.If, on the contrary, thorough approach to business, then it is useful to the construction of the foundation.It makes no sense to build a strong foundation, enough to fill four reinforced concrete pillars that will not only be a reliable basis for the whole structure, but also a means of horizontal alignment.

very important stage - the installation frame.As the main carrier used bars 100x50.They fit into the base.They are vertically mounted bars 50-50.The height of the structure from the future entry must be slightly larger than the rear side.This is necessary to ensure that the toilet is the roof at a slight angle to drain water during rain.Standard construction height is 210 centimeters.Therefore, the front part of the frame should have a size of 230 centimeters, and the rear - 210. For the vertical stiffening elements must be connected with each other by horizontal bars 50-50 every 50 centimeters.

When the frame is ready, you can start Seats arrangement.You can certainly make a big hole in the floor, but a little comfort can not hurt.At a height of 50 cm from the floor along the back wall to attach the second bar 50x50 so that he was in the toilet.It should also proceed in the sidewalls.But there used sticks length of 60 centimeters.From them down, mount the same elements to the floor.The last frame members Seats are two bars that connect the side parts to each other on the floor and 50 centimeters.The result was a design similar to a large degree.Now you need to sheathe its plywood and make a hole.

for interior decoration is also possible to use this material.You just need to prepare the pieces of the right size and fix them on the frame.If you are more enticing wooden garden restrooms, the surface finish can be made lining, which would need to be varnished or paint it to get damaged by moisture.But the simpler option is to use the siding, which should be fixed on the frame.

When the walls are ready, you can close the roof Decking.It remains only to make a door or curtain, and then a garden suite will be completely ready for operation.