Planning holiday home 6 6 6 to 8. Distribution area holiday home

designing a house on summer cottage, of course, everyone wants to build is one in which to live is quite cozy and comfortable.This depends primarily on whether the internal layout of a country house.

Where do you start?

Of course, everyone wants as quickly as possible to get to work, but here the rush entirely inappropriate.First of all, it should be really and fully associate desires with opportunities to assess their money and power, in addition, have to look forward and try to see your life in a certain period of time, for example, will increase the number of families, children grow up, be born grandchildren.The fact that at the moment does not seem very important, and even more than, over time can become significant.

When is planning a holiday home, take into account mainly the allowable maximum amount of construction, the number of people in the family, the presence of small children.It is important to decide where you will live in the country - only in the summer, or are planning to come here all year round.

plan holiday home

When planning is important to consider the benefit of each meter.

selection stages of planning the following:

  • determine the number of storeys of the future of the country house;
  • selecting suitable materials for the project;
  • choose the location intrahouse rooms;
  • agree on a suitable design of the porch;
  • determine the design of the roof structure.

Even in a small house should be located at least three rooms: living room, bedroom and kitchen.


In cottage living room is often the living room, bedroom, and in some cases and a dining area.Furniture here should be a universal and compact enough.Very comfortable folding chairs, armchairs, sofa bed, built-in wardrobes.Such furniture will allow a more rational and beautifully arrange the interior common room.Good decoration may be a small fireplace.

Kitchen Kitchen can be arranged so that the entrance to the house was carried out through it.So it will serve as a vestibule which traps the cold air flow.In the process of cooking in the kitchen air is heated, which is good for heating.

When calculating the amount of food you need to start from the minimum content of the necessary equipment: washing 50x60 cm desktop 40x60 (80) cm slab 50x60 (40) cm. In addition, it is desirable to establish a refrigerator (60x60 cm).

Natural lighting in the kitchen must be good.In larger homes directly from the room it is recommended to make an additional exit to the site.


Bedroom cottage better to do the minimum size to make it easier to heat.It is sufficient that it was the place for the bed (sofa), a small closet for storing clothes and a table.If the layout is designed holiday home with a loft, in this case, the sleeping rooms is strategically located in the attic, which is often satisfied with a gable roof.Beds feature at the longitudinal walls with a height from the floor to the ceiling of the inclined portion is at least 1.8 m. The free area under the eaves of the roof, if desired, can be used as built-in cabinets or pantry.


ladder to the attic or second floor is best done on the veranda, so isolating the entrance to the second floor.If the living room will only be used as a living room, while the ladder can be placed in it.In suburban homes are considered more convenient two- or trehmarshevye stairs.

Podlestnichnoe important to use space efficiently.If the staircase is located on the veranda, it is better to place a wardrobe and a clothes hanger.Under the stairs in the common room you can arrange a comfortable work area.

Sometimes in small suburban houses stairway to the attic floor is outside, so it does not occupy the area of ​​the interior, although it is less convenient to use.

You may want to make the passage.


If you are in the country year-round, should be provided for additional heating.For example, in the kitchen, you can set the oven at which the rear wall will go into the next room.Thus it will be heated just two rooms.In addition, in a bedroom can install an electric heater.

Holiday homes: Photo, layout

Under the phrase "rest in the country" everyone has in mind something different.For some people - it really rest, but for others - hard work in the garden.Quite often in the cottages can be found very small one-storey houses, such as 6x6 meters, which is very simple and cozy for relaxing in the countryside.

plan holiday home 6 6 economical and spacious enough.It can easily accommodate a family of several people.

Planning 6x6 holiday home can be any, at the discretion of the owner.For example, you can equip the vestibule, the overall small hall, two large and one small room, kitchen, bathroom.

very convenient and compact may be planning a holiday house 6 to 8. Such housing is often used for seasonal residence and permanent residence and comfortable summer vacation.

Mistakes made when planning

  • dimensions.It is not necessary to build a big house, as its content will require certain expenses.It is better to make the house so what you need at the moment.
  • thickness.For very thick walls need a strong foundation, and therefore extra costs.Modern technologies make it possible to build a light house (framework of beams and so forth.).With good insulation solved all the problems with heating, and the selected quality materials and skilled builders make the house quite durable.
  • basement or ground floor.Without need do not need to build them big.In these areas require high-quality waterproofing, insulation, ventilation and heating.To do this, you must hire experts and procure additional construction materials, and quite significant.

If the layout of the house to avoid these mistakes, you can greatly save your money on building materials and construction time.

Distribution area holiday home

to make suburban area suitable for living and rest, you need to properly make his plan.At the moment there are many different ideas on planning a summer residence that can hide flaws and highlight its features.

now common to use three basic types of layout area: circular, rectangular and diagonal.

  • Circular planning suburban area, as a rule, used in the rectangular area.It lies in the fact that all the garden facilities (recreation areas, flower gardens, playgrounds, artificial ponds, and so on. D.) Are in the form of circles that intersect each other.This arrangement allows for the original landscape design at a relatively not labor jobs.
  • diagonal planning suburban area is used in small areas (4-15 acres).It consists in the fact that the garden does not have objects directly to the house and move, and at an angle of 45 degrees, which increases the visual area.Thanks to this trick will not be seen by straight lines to help you determine the size of a garden object.
  • The most common is a classical rectangular plan in which all garden buildings and various decorative elements are located in the garden is comfortable and compact.This allows you to divide a rectangular region into separate sections.