Top British sitcoms.

Traditionally, foreign cinema in the face of "dream factory" is a leader in quality and quantity of pictures.But not only worthy of famous Hollywood movies and TV series.Let's go to England and see what are the best British sitcoms.

aristocratic era costume drama

premiere episode of the popular television series, launched in 2010, tells the story of a posh estate Downton, who after the death of its owner should go unknown relative, the appearance of which the family is waiting with caution.As you can see, the best British TV series such as "Downton Abbey", combine not only the historical aspects, but also the intrigue.The project is marked by a number of awards and rave audience reviews.Among the advantages of the past referred to as the era of realistic representation, a detailed description of the life and the inner life of the mansion, the attitude of the characters to the changes in the world and society.With a large variety of characters (from the servants to aristocrats), none of them is forgotten.On the contrary, everyone stands his usual character and merit of the writers - that they are harmoniously intertwined fates of people from different social strata.

Sometimes "Abbey ..." called the "epoch-making" long-playing drama, where the idea of ​​the authors involves several decades.Currently filmed six seasons, which says about the incredible success of the series.It fully confirms what hard work are worthy of the British series.

list goes half-century history of the dynasty Forsythe.Viewers will see their life during the Victorian era, the transition to the new century, and the story is over 20 years of the last century."The Forsyte Saga", unfortunately, lasted only two seasons, but it certainly is an interesting series.

Forbidden Love

twice filmed "North and South" - a famous story about the confrontation of classes.Margaret, accustomed to luxury, moved to the north.It will have to adapt to the more moderate conditions of existence.She hates the local "masters of life", but eventually begins to be attracted to the owner of the factory ... In the "North and South" mixed politics and passion, which, according to spectators, able to overcome any barriers.Watch and enjoy the amazing love story!This film can be easily included in the category "High-quality British series".

List series of similar subjects should be complemented by equally famous picture of "Pride and Prejudice" in 1995.The adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen, is considered a classic of English (and other) literature tells of rather poor landowner and his five daughters.One of them meets a mysterious gentleman who lives next door ... According to critics, this film is considered the best film works actor Colin Firth.

story "Cinderella"

back to the classics, it should be noted another author whose works often screen adaptations."Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte times turned into a mini-series and a feature film.Modest orphan forced to fend fine work.She was lucky to get a governess at the estate of Mr. Rochester.She could not think how passion can capture her mind.And is it right - like his master?Fortunately, over time, a rich gentleman will appreciate the simplicity and spiritual beauty of Jane Eyre.The images of the main characters at different times been played by several artists, but the best performance is for Timothy Dalton and Ziloy Clark.


new sample series "Scum" (another name - "Bad"), as noted in the review, combines elements of several genres.The stories of five teen viewers will see the fantasy, drama and humor.For minor offenses, young people serving their punishment labor on public works.Everyone - the person with its fears, which I would like to hide.The series of "bad" just spills out all the complexes and the secrets of the protagonists.Moreover, after a lightning strike they get hit.When something like that had seen only in the movies, and now the guys did not know what to do with new features.It would seem, should enjoy such success, but nothing but disappointment, they do not feel.How to learn to manage new gift?How to get along?The series "Bad", marked by a number of film awards for his example shows how difficult it is to transform into another person.

Fighting generations

Near the youth orientation and left the project."Skins" acquaint viewers with a group of normal adolescents.They - the children of today's Britain.Like most of their peers, they experience typical problems of their age.For the joy of life comes from the satisfaction of drugs and sex, violent novels and night parties.The guys are true to their own rules, not recognizing morality of society.For example, the best British film of the series will prove as difficult to survive in the modern world, considering themselves representative of a new generation.

Crime and Punishment

most long-playing television project recognized by the UK TV series "Midsomer Murders."The story is based on a fictional area of ​​east London, but, according to the audience, it does not diminish the interest in the show.The show was attended by a lot novice actors, for whom he served as a good starting point for a future career.What attracts this project?Twenty six seasons has been described many different unusual crimes!If you want to learn about the everyday life of the city police department, see the best British detective series.

list of stories about the difficult and dangerous work of the guardians of law and order continues a modern adaptation of the above picture.Version 1997 (filmed for eighteen seasons, the shooting continued) based on the novels of Caroline Graham.The action takes place in the county of Midsomer.As the audience ratings, in this series of crime have become more sophisticated and rustic detectives will repel most venerable forensic capital.

genius without villainy

But no matter how experienced or have investigators, no one is smarter than a private investigator from Belgium.At least more intelligent on TV, because TV series "Poirot" occupies a leading place among the detective projects.Who has not been fascinated by this little man?Who has not noticed his brilliant analytical abilities?Who is not fond of it easy to expose the criminals?In this Hercule Poirot has always sustained and charming.Given that the film is sold in large quantities all over the world, it is to believe that it has become the standard of the classical detective story.Artist starring David Suchet, long remembered in this way, and the TV series "Poirot," based on the works of Agatha Christie remains the main actor's film credits.

And in war there are traitors

first years of World War II.The fire reached England.Many years worked detective Christopher Foyle wants to join the ranks of the army, but get to the front is not so simple.The country is mired in chaos: in its territory met the refugees, troops resistance, escaped the Nazis and other European rabble.Is this period the national interests are not paramount?That forced the investigator to look for spies, thieves, traders and other traitors ... What is interesting, "Foyle's War"?The unusual combination of a historical era detective oriented doubles the viewing experience.Now you know that with this task perfectly cope best British detective series.

List replenish their drama, "What You Leave Behind?" In pyatikvartirnom building found the girl's body.It was found that the death was much earlier.Forensic Len Harper will initiate an investigation.He will find answers to many questions.First - to find out why none of the neighbors and friends did not notice the long absence of the victim?

British comedy series

foggy England is famous not only a good detective.The cinema of the country is taken for any genre, including humorous orientation.Which of the series is the most ridiculous?

The palm belongs to show "Jeeves and Wooster".The plot is built around an aristocrat and his longtime buddy cunning.In the yard in 1930.While one blithely fast life, the second is always ready to come to the rescue.To save does not come from the villains, but mainly from the greedy girls, currently seeking a rich husband.One of the main roles played by Hugh Laurie Young.

best British comedy series directional complement the British show, which became the home of worship.Among them - "Mr. Bean", "Black Adder", "Peep Show".

weekdays Criminal family clan

Imitating History World gangster Al Capone, "Sharp visors" will take viewers to Birmingham 20-ies of the last century.For several years, ordinary family Shelby turned into a fierce clan, who took an influential position among the post-war bands.Industrial gambling and robbery, grouping different style - visors with sewn in their blades.Love the crime genre?Then see the best British crime series, and what are the "Sharp visors."They successfully kept on the air for three seasons.Home played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

best detectives of the XXI century

you do not make a mistake if you think that it will be about another famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.Only the hero of novels of Conan Doyle lived in past centuries, and the events of the series moved to the present century.Sherlock, a detective consultant, Dr. Watson meets military and invites him to become their new neighbor.Thus was born the famous duo of two brilliant detectives.Using observation and deduction, as well as modern technologies (the Internet and cell phones), shortstop to help Scotland Yard in the most complex cases.

"Sherlock," the British TV series of 2010, successfully walks through the screens of multiple countries has for four seasons.

wealth of choice

identify the most worthy of the picture, we can now say with certainty that not only Hollywood is able to give quality projects.History of the English series has its roots in the 80s, as we have seen you too.Starting from detective films, is still considered a role model, a genre focus gradually diluted melodrama, crime and comedy.

step towards modernity

What new British TV series of recent years may be interested in the viewer?Introducing TOP freshest projects on user feedback:

  1. "Father Brown".The small town is famous for the best, according to residents, a priest.But Father Brown is more like Sherlock Holmes.With the ability to see through the interlocutor, he notices small details, exposing criminals rather unusual way.
  2. "Chasing shadows".Criminal-detective series will introduce a special police department.At the heart of his work - the investigation of crimes of serial killers.
  3. "Musketeers".Famous musketeers become personal bodyguards of Louis XIII.They are ready to protect not only him but also his city from unfairness.
  4. "Ghosts of Enfield."When the little girl begin to overcome otherworldly forces, none of the family members did not believe her.Help comes paranormal researcher who has a personal interest in the topic.
  5. "Poldark".The dramatic story of the main character, who returned from the war.He learns that the family estate is now in the hands of drunken servants, and the bride, confident of his death, had an affair with his cousin.
  6. "Tata".The plot is built around the fantasy of old friends who have decided to take a trip.Before Kyle road makes an unusual tattoo.After trying a sacred drink in one of the countries, he experiences hallucinations in which the unknown girl asked to save her.Man realizes that the tattoo has to do with it.
  7. "Users".The world for the future.Technology allows most people to keep close to a robot, almost indistinguishable from the living.Most often they are working servant and perform the dirty work.But trust them completely should not be.
  8. "Fortitude."Detective thriller introduces a quiet scenic areas, located on the edge of the Arctic.Here comes Morton detective to investigate the crime in a sleepy town.
  9. "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell".In the mystical history of England shows the Napoleonic activity.Magic has long receded into the background.Two novice magicians take up the resurrection of the dead, agreed with otherworldly forces.Thus, they bring on a series of terrible events.
  10. "Wolf Hall".Historical drama returns the viewer during the reign of Henry VIII.The country expects to civil war.The King can not leave a male heir.Idealist Thomas Cromwell tries to defend the king, offering his unusual ideas.