Spine exercise at home.

Long sedentary office work, long pastime at the computer, no need for full physical activity and growing lack of exercise - the main reasons leading to the weakening of the original muscle corset body, and then to a violation of posture, curvature of the spine.Often, people are so busy, they do not pay much attention to the first time there were pains in the back, waist or neck, dumping causes on excessive load at work or uncomfortable position during sleep.Over time, the pain becomes more intense, and if you do not take the necessary measures to prevent them, it is likely that the case will end curvature of the spine, protrusion or herniated disc and, as a result, surgery.However, this can be avoided, because to engage in their health can be at home, doing simple exercises to strengthen the spine at home.The main rules

physical exercise

When physical exercise at home must be followed some simple rules to achieve maximum effect and to prevent possible complications.Here are some of them:

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  • classes must be performed smoothly, without sudden movements and excess of zeal;
  • should not conduct training in the presence of pain in the spine, and the appearance of pain during training sessions is recommended to postpone;
  • prohibited to carry out exercises in the presence of severe pain;
  • start classes must be a minimum load, gradually bringing its level to the required value;
  • should be carefully monitored properly perform movements and compliance posture during exercise;
  • before the main complex exercise is absolutely necessary to do warm-up in order to heat the main muscle groups;
  • periodically necessary to consult with your doctor, and do not hide from his symptoms or pain;
  • exercises for the spine in the home should be aimed at strengthening the muscular system is not only back, but also the upper body and lower extremities.

Before you start the course, it is advisable to visit your doctor or trauma and after consultation make a computer or magnetic resonance imaging of the spine.This survey will help eliminate organic changes and contraindications for exercise periods.

exercises for scoliosis treatment at home

basic exercises for scoliosis of the spine at home will be directed at strengthening the muscular system of the body and the stabilization of the spine, as well as the correction of small deformations and as a result, stop the progression of the disease.

It should be noted that the complex of therapeutic exercises for treatment of C-shaped scoliosis and S-type will be different, and the correct diagnosis can only be a doctor.

Prevention and treatment of the C-shaped scoliosis

Performing exercises for scoliosis of the spine in the home, you realize exercise the lateral muscles of the spine, and muscle wall of the abdomen.For C-shaped scoliosis recommend the following exercises:

  • original rack - feet shoulder width apart, hands attached to the shoulders and carry a circular motion forward and back elbows (multiplicity of exercise in each direction 8-10 times, to carry out the exercisein three sets);
  • remaining in the same position, the movement is carried on the shoulders forward and back a deep breath with a deep breath, thereby compressing and straightening his back;
  • further need to lie on the floor on a hard surface, place your hands at your sides and not taking his legs and shoulders off the floor a few times to lift and pull your head up;
  • being in the same position, to make a "boat", and then go on to exercise a "bridge".

These exercises for the spine at home it is recommended to carry out 1-2 times a day, combining them with other physical exercise.They are ideal as a therapeutic exercise for the prevention or treatment of the disease its initial stage.

Prevention and treatment of S-shaped scoliosis

set of exercises for the treatment of S-shaped scoliosis is somewhat different from that of C-shaped scoliosis and aims to strengthen the lower back and chest, as well as an increase in the basic muscle tone latissimus dorsi.To do this, recommended these exercises for the spine at home:

  • starting position - sitting on a high stool or bench, make hands behind his head, squared his shoulders and elbows, by turning the left and right, as if twisting the spine along the long axis;
  • lying on his back on a hard surface on the floor, it is necessary to carry out katatelnye movement, lifting the body;
  • standing on all fours on the floor and leaning his hands a few times you need to bend and bend back, simulating a state of good or evil cats.

Perform this set of exercises to practice daily, following the basic rules of therapeutic exercises.

Exercise for decompression of the spinal column

Some simple exercises for stretching the spine in the home can be made using ordinary interior doors (you first need to ensure the reliability of its fastening).In the hands need to hang on the door, holding the top edge (closer to the door hinges).

It should lift their feet and make them small swaying motion to the entire load shifted to the upper body, and relieving the spine, helped turn the rotational movement of the spinal column.Exercises to stretch the spine in the home is recommended to perform the spin and face the door.Of course, with the success of interior doors can be replaced with a rack or gymnastic horizontal bar.

prevention of and treatment for a herniated disc

main role in the prevention of this disease take systematic exercises for the spine in the home, which are aimed at strengthening the muscular frame of the back and torso, as well as the effects of decompression on the spine.If there is pain on the part of the spine, or have an established diagnosis of a herniated disc, it is absolutely necessary to consult with your doctor.The main activity for the treatment and prevention of hernia is a decompression (extension) of the spine by natural means or by means of special mechanisms that aim to increase the distance between the vertebrae and thus reduce the load on the intervertebral disc and reduce the pressure on the nerve fibers.

addition, spinal hernia exercises at home can be carried out using a special dispensary Evminova that gives great results.Introducing a special board with a variable angle and handles the instrument not only promotes the decompression of the spinal column, but also the strengthening of the muscular system.

additional effect gives the course a special therapeutic massage that relieves muscle spasm, acupuncture, physiotherapy.

exercises to maintain muscle tone back

exercises for the muscles of the spine in the home need not only to strengthen but also for the prevention of displacement of the vertebrae with a weak muscular frame.The amplitude of the training must be carried out at first limit.

of the exercises in the prone position recommended "boat."On the exhale, you must tear off the floor the upper limbs, the shoulder girdle, lower extremities, and frozen in that position for a few seconds, hold your breath.From exercises in the supine position is recommended for the prevention of similar complex scoliosis.


follow the simple set of exercises for the spine at home two or three times a week, you will achieve what will happen to strengthen muscular frame.Implemented by a powerful disease prevention is not only the spine but also the musculoskeletal system as a whole.