Pokeweed: inconspicuous flowers and attractive fruits

pokeweed - a genus of plants belonging to the family lakonosnyh.Also known as pokeweed (Phytolacca).It has a few people's names: lentil berries, oily grass kermesovy berries, ivy Jews.In recent years, spread in Caucasia and Transcaucasia as a weed.His homeland is North America.The garden design is only one of 25 species belonging to this family - pokeweed desyatitychinkovy, or American.

This herbaceous perennial with a large dying in winter aerial part.Small greenish white flowers pokeweed collected racemiform erect dense inflorescence length of about 15 cm and a diameter of about 2 cm. Stem rhizome goes deep into the soil of 0.5 m or more.The height of plants with thick stems about 2 m. Leaves up to 20 cm long, light green (in the autumn with a reddish tint), oblong-oval, alternate, with streaks clearly distinguished yellowish.

pokeweed flowers bloom in July and encouraged them to the eyes of the stems of August.Around mid-September, the berries begin to ripen.At first they are green, later becoming dark red, almost black.At a time when the berries ripen on the plant, it is very decorative, and the sun shining on the dark "buttons" and try to lure them.

All pokeweed plant parts (flowers, berries, leaves, roots) are poisonous.It contains tannins and saponins in large numbers, to taste the original knobs impossible.And if you have small children, you put on your site pokeweed not worth it, because of the tomboy seen as difficult, they strive to put in your mouth, as deaths unfortunately are known.

seeds ripen in October.They are small, about 3 mm, black with a metallic luster.Scatter, they can grow in the most inappropriate places.Attempts to transplant these flowers pokeweed suffer badly and often die.However, at this place after a couple of years it can grow again.

pokeweed - Plant shade tolerant, but full sun is growing much better.It prefers cultivated soil, but can grow on any but too acidic.With powerful fleshy root plant can extract water, but in hot water it abundantly desirable.It can only suffer from spring and autumn frosts, but quickly recovered.In winter aerial parts should be cut, and the root is desirable to hide, for example a layer of humus, peat and garden soil.

preferably propagated by seeds pokeweed.Flowers may appear in the first year of cultivation.Freshly harvested seeds without purification from the pulp is better to sow a winter in the shallow depth (about 2.5 cm).When stored in a dry place seed germination rate after six months they will only increase.Strongly proliferating rhizome can be divided into parts so that each piece had kidney regeneration.The procedure is best done in early spring.

pokeweed, flower which is unattractive (but interesting "cob with knobs") - a citizen of the world.He is well where there is space, it does not matter, it will be a mountain village or city.He is able to demonstrate themselves in mixed plantings (in the background of flower beds), and single.