What is the response?

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It is a familiar sight - the concert hall, on stage virtuoso violinist, room filled with many music lovers, heed enchanting sounds.Without touching the skills of performers, everything that happens becomes possible due to the effect of the acoustic resonance.So what is the response?

At the mention of the term immediately reminded of an old story about the destruction of the bridge company of marching soldiers.The men went up into it, kept going marched in the leg.As a result, the bridge collapsed.

Or the most common picture - a child on a swing.And someone close, rocking them.Minor forces applied at the right time, can achieve large-amplitude vibrations and deliver the baby very much.

Without going into the mathematical description of the phenomena, qualitatively try to understand what resonance.Textbook Physics defines the effect as increased oscillation amplitude when the frequency of external influence and the natural frequency.A little explanation.The oscillation frequency - the number of oscillations per second.

Yes, is not entirely clear, the words all seemed to be familiar - resonance physics, natural frequency.What does it mean?

For simplicity let us recall another example - between the two poles (let it be the two banks of the stream) is a long wide board, it is a little unsteady, wavering, but looks reliable.Go across the stream just like, get up on the board and go.But here's what's bad luck.At any particular speed, or in other words, the frequency of steps, the board begins to sway, threatening to dump walker.In this case, once the conditions of resonance - frequency of oscillation of the board coincides with the frequency steps of the pedestrian.As a result, the amplitude of oscillation is significantly increased, the result of this gain may be unexpected water treatments.

This phenomenon is very widespread in various fields.In electronics, medicine, music, and what began with the description of the effect of resonance.This phenomenon is often helpful, allowing, for example, amplify a weak signal.The sound of violin strings amplified her body, acting as a resonator, ie,amplifier on a particular frequency.And the sound of the violin is enhanced thanks to the good acoustics of the room.

little other use of resonance - amplification of the signal station.Again, it's simple.Radio waves convey the signal to the antenna, and from there it goes into a special input circuit by changing the parameters of which can amplify the signal desired frequency.That's what we do when we turn the knob of the receiver to find the desired radio station to us.As a result of this enhancement the selected radio signal becomes stronger and well perceived by the receiver.

From these examples it becomes clear answer to the question of what impact.This overall increase efforts obtained through the synchronization capabilities of the system and the external action.As a final example - an attempt to get out of the dirt on the car by the "swing".The driver starts to alternately move the car back and forth.Back then crackdown ahead again when overclocking failure, but back and forward again.With this approach, the engine power is added to the inertia of the movement and in many cases to overcome a difficult place.

Even modest amounts of these examples is enough to understand how the phenomenon of resonance is widely used in the art and everyday life.

In the material answer the question of what impact.Examples of manifestations of resonance phenomena in various fields of art and culture.