Which vitamins needed in the month of March, we choose the correct salad

In March, the body desperately needs vitamins and heat.And if for warmth have to go to distant lands, some vitamins can be found on our shelves.The main thing - to know what to look for.

Cabbage - this heroic vegetable manages to save the remnants of vitamins, even in March, a few months after harvest.So do not forget the coleslaw (for them better mash shredded cabbage with salt hands).Simmer it better on a small fire, but the fry - in a strong, but very quickly.

Bull tails - until recently this product was hard to find in our markets and butchers, because he was not popular.And now - because this deficit.So, having planned a dish of oxtail, better to negotiate with the seller to buy - ask him to defer to you the goods in the right quantity.

Cranberry - by the end of the winter it is one of the few "real" fruit, ie the wild, grown in a natural environment, but not in hydroponics.Under ideal conditions, cranberries can be stored for months in fresh form, but more often we see it frozen.Defrost before cooking cranberries do not need - except if you put it in a salad.

below give you a couple of recipes for flavor combinations they can be connected with the main dishes such as gazpacho or saltisons.After preparing all the dishes according to the recipes from this article, you definitely obzavedetes full range of vitamins and vitamin deficiency will you nestrashen, in addition, a set of taste will be enjoyed not only you but all your guests and loved ones.Choose only healthy food, and your body will always be full of energy.

Cabbage salad with cranberries

Recipe for 4 servings

very finely chop a small head of cabbage.Sprinkle with salt and sugar, stir, shake hands and let stand 5-10 minutes.Meanwhile, cut into thin strips 1 peeled apple golden.Remove the zest from 2 large oranges, cut peel, cut a slice of fillet between the films.Mix the juice of half a lemon with a large orange zest and 1 tbsp.l.honey.Combine cabbage, apples, orange slices and 1-2 handfuls of fresh (unfrozen) cranberries.Sprinkle with chopped mint finely (leaves only, no stems) and serve.

soup with oxtail

Recipe for 8-10 servings

Put in a saucepan 1 large oxtail, cut into 5-6 pieces.Pour 2.5 liters of cold water, bring to a boil and reduce heat to low.Remove the foam, add the salt, cut in half carrot and onion and cook, covered for 2 hours. Meanwhile, finely chop very small head of cabbage, removing the stalk.Cut into thin strips 2 small carrots 1 large onion.Fry onion and carrot in vegetable oil, 10 min.Strain the broth, removing the cooked onions and carrots.Remove the meat from the bones into small pieces.In broth put fried onions and carrots, bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes.Add the cabbage and meat, cook for 10 minutes.Finely chop 1 large bunch of herbs (dill, parsley, coriander) with 3 cloves of garlic, add the cabbage, season with salt.Turn off the heat, allow to stand, covered for 15 minutes.