How to fry the potatoes in a pan : with mushrooms , onions , meat ?How to fry the potatoes with a crust ?Prescriptions

One of the favorite dishes of the people - this is without a doubt fried potatoes.It seems like everything.Different cooked, fragrant, hearty, sizzling in a frying pan in hot oil, it is prepared in each family, and each has a secret of this dish.

as fire potatoes in the pan?

Now we reveal some secrets of cooking this dish.And let us start with what the main types of food are most popular among the people.These are variations of fried potatoes as:

- with onions and garlic;

- with mushrooms;

- with meat.

traditional way of cooking

From these species we will build.But first, reveal the secrets of delicious fried potatoes as such.The first thing worth thinking about - about the brand.It begins with his successful cooking.How to fry the potatoes in the pan?Who will tell, but first decide what you love her more - razvaristoy, krohkoy or crisp, retained its integrity after cooking.If the first option is more like it, you should choose varieties like "Neva" or "Sineglazka" - they contain a lot of st

arch, which means that they will be crumbly.But the presence of a crust at such courses should be expected.But for the whole brusochkov should give preference to varieties of potatoes under the name "Nicholas" or "Tsilena."

Then choose the pan.It's best to fry potatoes in the iron or steel surfaces.They will keep the temperature well, especially due to the thick bottom, but it will warm up their uniform and unhurried - and therefore roasting food will not stick to the bottom.And here is made of thin sheet metal, aluminum or ceramic pans better to put aside - nothing good from them fried potatoes will come.

So, dishes selected, set it on fire.Now you need to pour the oil pan.Suitable crude sunflower, corn, olive, and if not sorry - good butter.The main rule of delicious potatoes: the oil is poured only once - refill process in any case can not be - it will be warmed up unevenly and simply absorbed into pieces, making them too greasy.In order potato was a success, choose the average amount of oil to make it smooth enough.And in time to adjust fire.


most popular error associated with the oil, the following:

- it poured too small, and a large fire - the result will come out quite nice semi-moist embers.The potatoes did not have time to fry will begin to be burnt;

- much oil is poured, and the fire is weak - instead of crisp eventually get cooked porridge.With this heat instead of frying process starts extinguishing.

So pour the average quantity of oil, put the pan to start a big fire.Now cutting.Potatoes may be milled differently.Someone like round pieces of someone halves or quarters of small tubers, and someone chooses sticks, half-circles, or at all cubes.A matter of taste.However, it should be borne in mind that the more fry size, the longer time it needs to complete roasting.You will naturally ask how to fry the potatoes with a crust?To do this, first delete it in well hot oil.Once in a couple of minutes to grab slices of crust, it is necessary to turn.And then a little lower the flame.But in any case, do not cover the potatoes, cover - underneath will gather steam, converted to condensate, and settle back, softening coveted crust.

But fans of the soft and tender fries cover exactly need.After heating the oil in such a case, you should immediately turn down the heat to medium, lay the slices once they topple over.Then cover with a lid and wait for the alert.

That's what we told you the main secrets of how to fry the potatoes in a pan correctly.But what to do in any case not worth it:

- salt potatoes in the beginning or middle of the cooking - it will make it krohkim and soft;

- often stir while cooking a dish - slices may be damaged, and again - to crumble.

interesting option

But not everyone likes a fried potatoes.It's a side dish, they say, where's the main course?For such gourmets we will tell more innovative ways of how to fry potatoes.The recipe first, for example, will be named "in Lyons."It is difficult to say where it came from, but the result is a very delicate and tasty dish.

Put roast potatoes, as described above.Separately, pickle onions, cut into half rings.And three cheese on a grater, the more - the more tasty.When the potato is almost ready, its salt, stir, spread on top of the onions and sprinkle with cheese.Then cover with a lid and tormented for 10 minutes on low heat.

With onion

Basically, fried potatoes with onions in many families.But what secrets should be taken into account in the preparation of this dish?For potatoes and onions in the pan turned out just amazing, do not put them at a time.Time roast these vegetables are very different.And yet the potatoes reach the readiness of the onions leaving only embers.And the smell and taste of the dishes are very well for an amateur.But if the bow has got too bitter, before putting in the pan, it is better to soak in boiling water for a few minutes, squeeze and dry.

last quite superfluous - moisture oil in which you fry may start to splash.Similarly - after zazharki - placed in potatoes, and garlic.Then he will have time to reveal the flavor, but glows in the oil.A good addition to the fried potatoes with onions or garlic is finely chopped parsley or dill, which can be generously sprinkle the dish in the plate.


Another favorite dish of tender our cuisine is the potato in a pan with the mushrooms.To highlight the flavor of a thick forest, which is famous for such food, it is necessary to properly prepare.What are the basic rules for handling mushrooms and fries?

- if you plan to use mushrooms, it is better not to wash under the tap - it is very absorbent, and then give it to the pan, and you will get a stew instead of fried foods.

- mushrooms can just wipe with a damp cloth and cut.To remove the skin from them, and especially to boil, it is not necessary.

- best dried mushrooms, soak in cold water, then cut, and then boil.When they need to be dry, then just lay in potatoes;

- fresh mushrooms is best to clean and boil with the onion for their own reassurance - to avoid poisoning or conditionally edible;Let

contact with mushrooms falls gently, but as a result you get an incredibly tasty and flavorful dish.It can be served with sour cream.Or restrict pickles as an appetizer.

option for men

But the real meat-eaters to taste will fall recommendations on how to make a dish like potatoes and meat in a frying pan.But in this case, you need to consider what you'll fry the meat.Most species are preparing potatoes for longer, and therefore should be to start frying them.The meat is cut into small pieces, no more slices.It must quickly fry in oil over high heat until golden brown.Since juice is sealed inside, and exit the dish will not dry.Then remove it stands on a separate dish, and even better - on a napkin to remove excess oil.In the same pan put the fried potatoes.

It is in this case not only be prepared, as usual, but also fed with meat aroma of oil.Then, almost at the stage of full readiness, the meat should be sent back to the pan, stir and allow both components to reach readiness.

Conclusion As you can see, even in such a seemingly simple process of "how to fry the potatoes in the pan," has its own nuances.They can play a more or less important role in the taste of the finished dish.And if you know them by heart and apply in practice, you will be considered a real guru of cooking.