So hard to say "I love you"!

In February, the word "love" is so easy!Flutters on postcards, shop windows, even in the cafe on the "Valentine's Day" may appear in the menu of some special themed salad.And lovers are ready to reproduce the magic word look, a smile, an inscription on the window of the car under her window.However, the word love is available all twelve months of the year.

Then lovers happily married and get married, and "love" months or years later begins to somehow become heavier.It gives way to a modest cheek "Where is dinner?" And, "Go take a dip first child!" And then a little slow to "Listen, I'm sick as a dog!" And rammed into the corner of the "Oh!Overworked, poor thing!I lay on the couch in your opinion? ".After already so zalezhivaetsya in a language that does not pull out.

But why a declaration of love, which is before the wedding and honeymoon can be pronounced several times an hour, it becomes completely unsupportable during subsequent family quarrels?And do exactly this argument and waiting and grow stronger and faster than the heavier light given to spouses once the word "love."

Generally, however much we thought about the Christian understanding of love and willingness to sacrifice, but not require - the human need for love is not going anywhere.Sacrificial love - it must still learn and married (or married) and now I'm here and I have the right to be loved!The idea is that such marital "selfishness" are not afraid of marriage where one of the spouses - both beloved and loving.Difficulties appear where someone seemed to be not very much he loved.

But quarrels - it is not just the result of unfounded suspicions.Quarrels, especially if we start to prove themselves and each other, yes, they say, for anything in the world because of this .... (definition to taste) marriage would not have passed, if I was not ... then this (the definition of taste).And the more, for example, a young husband diverges from what the wife "to exchange it for the child", the irritation it will be him to prove that, "Yes, I can not tolerate you stupid egoist!".And so on until forced soaring heavy and fragile items or hasty packing suitcases.But all this avalanche of anger can easily be broken by a single word, a reminder - "I like!".

It often even slamming the door and has cooled down, the couple have been slow to come to terms, as if afraid to show his own love and interest in reconciliation, "though, they say, do not think me and without him well, I was the first in the world will not go."

course, before marriage and married a man refers to his own love in different ways."I love", spoken in love, it means "I chose you."There is nothing dangerous to the ego.But the "love" that the husband said, means "I belong to you."I?I Belong?Him?!Such an idiot ?!"No zhist"!

Alas, belong to - it is almost as difficult as to be grateful.It is difficult to accept in thought and even more difficult to express aloud.Confess in love - as if to suffer a military defeat.It's hard to get used to the fact that the family - this is not the struggle for independence, there should not be afraid "to lose face" and "hand over the position."But still - it is terrible.

is important to understand that some of these positions "put" forever in the moment when the rank of the wedding couple were called to become "one flesh."Husband and wife live in the unity of the flesh nature, but this association in reality - not the loss and replenishment, acquisition of new traits, temperament, even the way of thinking that only enriches the spouses.

But personality and marriage remains free, and a declaration of love does not threaten its independence."Love" is translated as "We're the same blood: you and me."One of "blood" nature, belong to one another.

I want to compete with well-established proposition that marriage is impossible to get out of love, but only, say, for love, which only later develops into love.It was the original love, if it is not obscured indulgence of the flesh, is true love as a vision of God's image in your favorite, enlightenment ideal, which it can achieve.And it can - not reach.In marriage, it depends not only from her husband, but a woman, and vice versa.This image is "in a difficult moment of life" is not superfluous to remind myself.

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