How to unpack an archive of files?

We live in a new world of computer technology, where all prefer to keep traffic data in electronic form.This photo, text and video and audio files, and much more.All these years of accumulated on the hard disk of our home and work computers.In memory of any removable media just enough to keep as much of the material necessary for us.It is often necessary to send files via the Internet, our friends, colleagues, relatives.For the most comfortable sending devised a special program that packs multiple photos, videos, music or documents into a single archive.It is very convenient, because if you had to pass each file separately, it would take a lot of time, and when you can add one file into a string attached file to an email or smuggle via Skype, ICQ, mail agent - a rather brief and easya process that is performed in the shortest possible time.

How to unpack the archive, knows practically every experienced PC user, but there are people who recently purchased a laptop or desktop computer and just learn the

basics of the use of this tricky technique.

To unzip the file, perform the following steps:

  1. Right click on the file you want to decompress.This will display a context menu in which you will select «WinRAR» (if you use this program), through the next tab to open the context menu where you put the cursor on the line "to extract the file" and click on it.
  2. window appears save an object or multiple objects contained in the archive.There will need to choose the path of preservation, that is the folder in which your data will be extracted.It may already be ready folder, but if you need a new, it can be done without any problems.You need only click on the "new folder" and give it a name that corresponds to the data that you want to do with it.When the path to extract selected and ready, click "OK".Here's how to unzip the file if you are using the standard backup utility - «WinRAR».

How to unpack multivolume archives?First we need to know what it is?Multivolume archives - this is when it contains a heavy file, which is simply impossible to send someone a whole, and therefore it is divided into several parts, each of which is also packaged in a separate archive.

How to unpack the archive - multivolume?First, do not forget that it is not necessary to unpack each file individually and just follow the instructions, we will offer you.If the archive you saw a few pieces with titles partX.rar, then it's a multi-volume archive and unpack it to be:

  1. Place all parts of multivolume archives in the same folder.
  2. clicking on the first part of the right mouse button, the context menu to select a row or Extract here "to remove the current folder."You will see a window with a display of scale implementation decompress archive files in a folder of your choice.After the entire extraction process is completed, the archived file is moved to the target folder.It's very simple and easy.After the process of unpacking and check the files in the destination folder, you can safely delete the unneeded archive.

Now you know, and be able to teach their relatives and friends how to unpack the archive regular or multi-volume.Complexities no order or to another one.One has only to try it, and you will understand this.Backing up files should be used not only in the delivery of materials by e-mail, but also to store information on your computer as an archive folder occupies disk space is less than the folder itself.