Sredenevekovoe justice: cruel instrument of torture of the Inquisition

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Friends, do you think that was the worst in the Middle Ages?No, no toothpaste, and even endless wars!Of course, our ancestors did not visit cinemas and communicate with one another SMS message, but they, too, were the inventors.And the worst of the invention have been instruments of torture of the Inquisition - Christian justice that time.

For a start it should be noted that torture of the Inquisition had about a hundred varieties.Some of the "tools" have survived to the present day.However, most often it is the usual museum exhibits recovered from the descriptions.Of course, the sophistication of mind and fiction inventors of the time is simply amazing for his cruelty!

instruments of torture №1 - shoes with spikes

This iron shoes at the heel which is a sharp spike.The victim had to stand on his heels with spine screwed in up until his strength not fail.Can you imagine how difficult it is to do?That do try to stand on the toes and check out how you will stand in this position?

instruments of torture №2 - "Fork heretic"

It was a brutal fixture four GAD - two on each side.The top two dug heretic in the chin, and the lower - in the sternum.This completely immobilize the victim, not allowing it to make any movements of the head.The head numb, began bleeding in the brain. instruments of torture №3 - "Witch chair"

Potential witch tied to a chair, which was suspended on a long pole, dipping it in water for some time.Then the witch allowed to do a little breath of air and then again dipped into the water ... This is particularly cruel torture was in the winter.In the ice making hole that allowed the witch is not just suffocate, but covered with a crust of ice!

instruments of torture №3 - "cat's claw"

In this case, the "tool" used not to scratch your back.His thrust into a heretic, whose flesh was torn slowly and painfully.It got to the point that the same hook from tearing the victim is not only the internal organs, but also ribs.It was perhaps the most brutal ancient instrument of torture with which the servants of the Inquisition tried to obtain the recognition of the heretic!

other instruments of torture

  1. Among other torture measures devised sophisticated minds of that time was the so-called "Spanish boots".This special fixation on the leg of the victim with special fixing plate that at every heretic refusal to answer questions spanning with even greater force.Eventually, the bone in his leg broke.As a result, the heretic remained with the fractured bones below the knee.
  2. One of medieval torture devices, extant, is the so-called "rack".Today this method to obtain a particular recognition enjoyed by many representatives of the criminal world.Man suspended from the ceiling with splayed back shoulder joints, and on his feet slowly hang a heavier load.The result is an unbearable hell of a pain to break up the muscles and joints of the shoulder girdle!To heighten the effect bandits injected into the blood sacrifice of adrenaline, not allowing her body to be switched off during the pain.