Daily morning gymnastics in kindergarten

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Most preschool children goes to kindergarten, in which they must comply with the general daily routine.Not all the kids love it, many painful tolerate their stay away from the parents.So, morning gymnastics in kindergarten will not only teach the younger generation to physical exercise, but also to set up the kids in the friendly attitude towards other people and environment.

course, charging in kindergarten must take into account the age and level of training of children.For very small, you can use simple exercises, and for older kids - have a combined job, ligaments simple exercises.But at any age, be sure to use the game shapes and fun children's music.

highly recommend using upbeat music, as most people are very musical, they are easy to adapt to the rhythm of the music and make everything more focused and interested.This fully applies to children.

Morning gymnastics in kindergarten should be carried out every day in the room, which is to receive the kids was well ventilated.Of course, a set of exercises depends on inventory, which is in kindergarten, but it is possible to do without a variety of subjects.

morning exercise begins in kindergarten with a greeting.

¬ęGood morning, children.Let's look out of the window.There has come spring.Hello, Spring! "Take the ball, let the little children pass it to each other, while greeting a neighbor.Large toddler can throw the ball.So all smile and a positive charge in the morning.And kids who have recently arrived in kindergarten, better remember the names of those who go to the same group, and the other once again pay attention to the names of the seasons.

bowed his head in different directions, torso, squats, swings hands simultaneously and separately, kick their feet - this is an indicative list of the most simple warm-up exercises.

Children love when they walk or jump like any zveryata: ducks, bunnies, frogs, cranes, etc.This morning gymnastics in kindergarten will not be boring.

Boating on the inside and then on the outside of the foot, on the heels, toes, lifting your knees high - available to anyone age children, but there is an excellent prevention of flat feet and contribute to the proper formation of children's feet.

in the older group of kindergarten can be organized mini competitions and relay races.However, select the task is necessary so that all the kids coped.

Morning gymnastics in kindergarten contributes not only to the growth of physical culture among children, but also discipline.To this effect and the form in which children are engaged.Well, when a form is the same type for all boys and girls.It is desirable that it was a T-shirt and shorts made from natural cotton fabrics, socks with rubber soles and Gym shoes.

Well, of course, the person who carries out the daily morning exercises depends - Children will love the physical culture and rhythmic exercises.Do you want to inspire kids - do not tell them dry language manuals and metodichek.Remember, as you were little?Music, poetry, jokes and kind words will help to interest even the most awkward and unsportsmanlike child.Cheers, praise, fun and happy smiles of children will be your reward.