How to make an analytical report to the teacher

analytical report is a document that allows pedagogical workers describe and summarize their experience for a certain period of time.Typically, the paper drawn up at the end of the school year and describes the activities of the teacher or tutor for the period.However, in some cases, such as for the competition or attestation given time can be increased (usually 3-5 years).

analytical report of the teacher should not only contain the results of professional activity, but also to show them the practical value, demonstrating the significance of the work.Of course, the document must first contain digits.However, if the report is filled with numbers, graphs, tables that do not comment, it will not be very convincing.The lack of a logical link between the main text and other elements of the document (diagrams, pictures and so on.) Can cause difficulties of perception.

Another mistake that is common among those who make up an analytical report, - a large number of discussions on various educational topics allegations, the extra terms.It is desirable that the number of detained here, confirmed by real facts.And, of course, they should be as reliable.

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Analytical Report educator must also be meaningful.Charts and graphs showing results of children should be colorful and demonstrate the effectiveness of training.Used to characterize the methods and approaches recommended in cases where the teacher in his work adds or modifies them.

Special requirements for the structure of the report, no.Therefore, the teacher has the right to choose the logic on which it is possible to arrange the text so that the content is as accessible as possible and effectively represented.

The main thing that should include an analytical report: title page, table of contents, the basic text, appendices (if necessary).It is necessary to dwell on these topics.At the beginning of specified information about the author of the document, his seniority, the direction of its activities.This is followed by immediate content.

It is desirable to note how the knowledge and skills of students at the beginning of the year (if this criterion is an indicator of overall performance) and at the end of the reporting period.

Analytical Report - a document that will help the teacher to effectively showcase their activities.The style of presentation should be simple and clear.It is advisable to use a minimum of technical terms that might not understand a person working in a different field.This documentation is issued to a teacher or, if necessary, the teacher can show the results of their work.The regular paper will allow the teacher to present its activities in the most accessible manner, even for a layman in this area.Document required for certification or checking the work of the teacher the higher authorities.