We select the shade based on eye color

It's no secret that the main place in the art of makeup covers eye makeup, because they mainly focuses (except for those rare occasions when the focus is on the lips).To the eyes "played" and attracts attention, making your face expressive, you need to pick a good color shadows, perfectly highlighting the color and shape of your eyes.

Before you decide on the color it is suitable to your eyes, it is necessary to take into account that the most advantageous to look for a suitable tone color of your eyes, or on the contrary tone opposite your color, here the emphasis is on the contrast.Also, do not forget about the appropriateness of a particular type of makeup.Sometimes, you can donate perfectly accentuate your eyes color shades in favor of neutral colors, especially if the work environment is not conducive to the bright make-up.

Universal color shadows

There eye shadow color, suitable to almost any eye color - it's all gray shades.With skillful make-up shades of gray are able to emphasize and enhance the brightness of your eyes.So, if you're using shades of gray and dark mascara move the inner eyelid pencil that matches the color of the color of your eyes, then the effort will emphasize the brightness and color of their eyes.

And now let's see what shades shadows are suitable for a particular eye color.

So, brown eyes .Quite naturally, makeup brown eyes you can use a shade of brown colors (dark brown, beige, dark gray).If you want to emphasize eye color contrasting tones then you will approach purple, purple, bright blue, peach, blue and purple colors.If your eyes are very dark brown in color, they revive pink, blue and beige tones of shadows. For green eyes well suited almost all the shades of gray shadows and shades of the colors of shadows - dark purple, copper, dark blue.To enhance the contrast can cause shade of brown, black, dark gray, dark purple, peach, gold, violet hues.Owners green eyes should avoid bright shades of green.

most successful in terms of the selection of shades of shadows is gray eyes , as it is considered neutral.Under such an ideal eye color shades of gray shadows, one or two shades darker than the color of the eyes, as well as blue-gray and gray-beige shade.Try not to use a lighter shade or shade identical to the color of your eye color.

to blue and gray-blue eyes suitable silver, blue-gray, gray-beige shade.By contrast, you can use brown, bronze, gold, peach, lilac shades.Very bold blue-eyed ladies can also use orange shades of shadows.

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